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Turkish wool Rugs

Turkish UshakVia the 15th century, Ushaks had been initially used to embellish the Ottoman palaces. They truly are made from the finest top-notch wool and coloured by natural and organic dyes. We a number of traditional Ushaks including 60 to 100 years old plus our very own custom pieces being however built in Ushak, chicken these days. If you should be looking for the most perfect colors and dimensions to fit your home Togar Rugs can customized design yours Ushak together with your opted for colors and size. Build time differs between sizes and each rug is handmade, but typically we can custom design making your Ushak in about 4-6 months.

Turkish Kayseri rugThe town of Kayseri, positioned in main chicken, has a brief history to be among best carpeting making villages in the region. These carpets are often woven from wool with a cotton foundation. Kayseri can be famous for their silk rugs. The style is most often a floral design. Hand spun wool and all-natural dyes are employed when you look at the majority of Kayseri rugs. Our collection includes rugs ranging from 35-80 yrs . old and dimensions from 2’ X 3’ to 11’ X 15’.

Turkish LadikThe city of Ladik is found in main Turkey, in province of Konya. Ladik is known for becoming among oldest carpet making areas in Turkey. These rugs have a much stronger weave versus Kayseri and a thicker pile. These are typically manufactured from wool with a cotton foundation & most usually are located in gorgeous shades of purple, yellowish, green and blue. Our collection includes sizes ranging from 7’ X 10’ to 11’ X 15’.

The town of Hereke was rated as best rug making village in chicken and also the globe nevertheless to this day. Recently the location had been decimated by earthquakes, that has destroyed the rug making custom and company in your community.Turkish Hereke today its a totally a dead talent and all sorts of that stays will be the rugs still in blood supply. These rugs continue to boost in worth each day and continue to be more desired pieces amongst enthusiasts. As far as design, high quality, and worth; Hereke is the better you should buy. These rugs are woven from pure silk or from wool and cotton utilizing the famous Turkish double knot. The style is normally a floral structure or more complex motif. Sizes from Hereke typically range between 5’ X 8’ to 10’ X 14’.

Anadol_ThumbnailThe Anatolian region of Turkey represent various sorts of rugs. Anatolia is within the southern part of Turkey; rugs using this area consist of Anadol, Konya, Tashpinar, Karapinar, Doshemealti, and Maden. These rugs are generally in smaller sizes including 4′ x 6′ and 5′ x 7′ or the majority are usually tend to be a broad runner generally about 5’ x 12’.

Patchwork rugs are some of the top types when you look at the carpet marketplace these days. They've been handmade in Turkey and that can be manufactured to custom order and include your favorite colors and ideal dimensions. Patchworks are created making use of pieces of old Turkish rugs which are beyond repair. Our rug makers make the pieces that are still usable, stitching different pieces together and placing a canvas backing to them to secure them for many years ahead. The end result is a very interesting and contemporary design. Sizes of these rugs start around 4’ X 6’ to 10’ X 14’ but could be produced to purchase.

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