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How to make a wool Rug?

making-wool-felt-rug-sukhi-indiaHere’s some information about our process in Asia. We work right with artisans. This procedure ensures that the amount of artistry is large. We provide local jobs.

What exactly is so special about wool?

It has normal properties. Really, these properties tend to be extraordinary. It’s springy and resilient. it is even fire resistant. Which means instead of burning up, wool smolders.

There are some other things that make wool amazing. It quickly binds into yarn that may be spun. In addition it takes dye well so we can offer stunning colors. And there's more. Wool has actually great for insulating. It keeps our clients good and hot. It’s soft and comfortable. Everyone loves pressing wool.

It’s in addition flexible and durable. It also resists static electricity. It really is no wonder that wool has been utilized for years and years. It is often felted and woven into countless rugs.

Sukhi provides 4 various handmade selections from Asia:

How do we make our slice believed rugs? First, tens of thousands of design themes tend to be cut using cutting tools. We make use of 100% felted wool.

One by one, cut out motifs are put on a weave. The weaver begins at one end. Motifs tend to be tied up around warp threads and a metal rod. These are generally pulled tight. Then your procedure is repeated over and over repeatedly. Finally, a number of cut felts happens to be developed.

Each slice thought carpet features at the very least 3, 000 to 4, 000 themes! The actual quantity of work that switches into these rugs is in fact incredible.

Our felted woolen yarn rugs are designed by pot dyeing. This implies adding shade the old-fashioned way. There will be something splendidly old-world and conventional about that procedure. Plus, you will find a huge variety of colors. Many of these current colors are new to those rugs.

The dyeing process

Pot dyeing requires almost no machinery. Skeins of yarn are attached to hand-wound material loops. They are rotated. They tend to be dipped in to the yarns again and again until these are generally soaked.

After dyeing, we dry the yarn. It is sometimes added a drying chamber. Nevertheless finish ultimately ends up superior once we do it naturally.

Your last felted woolen yarn carpet

The dried out yarn is then taken into the weaving room. The final impact has an abundance of level. This is certainly due to the fact that felt takes approximately half the dye.

You’ll end up with a rug that's dense. Nonetheless it’s also incredibly soft and pleasant under your foot.

What's a rock carpet? Indian artisans carefully roll wet wool into rock shaped balls. These balls remain the soapy surface. It’s a fascinating process. They consistently roll and rinse. Then the rock carpet starts to shrink and simply take shape.

The next thing is they put the wool in cold-water. They rinse it. It’s an intensive treatment. And it also’s duplicated several times. Eventually, you will find enough gorgeous rock forms. Collectively these shapes eventually make a-work of art.

The rock forms are gently dried under the sun. They've been then ready for the final action. They are carefully sewed together on a woolen surface.

Woolen cycle rugs protect valuable lanolin*. First the raw brand new Zealand wool is washed and dried out. After that carders and spinners arrive to collect it.

The wool is very carefully considered into packages. It can take the full week to show 2 kilos of raw stuff into yarn. (We call the wool yarn as soon as it's prepared to be weaved.) Carders retain every bit of extra nonsense and thorn. Fluff and thorn originates from the rough wool. And also this ensures there is nothing missing.

So what guarantees the longest fibers being well suited for yarn? We’ve found that hand carding does the secret. Whenever materials are of various lengths this will make the last bond stronger.

Give carding adds strength and softness

It is simple to look at distinction between carding wool by hand or by machine. When wool is hand carded, its less also. It appears a lot more organic. Additionally seems wonderful. That’s because it has actually a high level of lanolin. This lanolin causes it to be softer.

Enjoy even more warmth through hand spinning

Give whirling transforms wool into woolen loops. It occurs slowly and gradually. The flossy, carded wool is fed into the handmade spinning-wheel. In it goes! The wool gets spun or turned into lengthy unbroken pieces of yarn. This quality yarn is wound on a spool. Whenever you add even more wool, it makes the yarn thicker.

Then yarn could be woven into a woolen loop rug. For a cycle stack, the yarn is drawn out and left uncut - hence a number of loops is accomplished.

Our procedure is careful, without doubt. But this makes a big difference. Our Sukhi woolen loop rugs last permanently. These are generally smooth, comfortable and perfect for your cold evenings.


Why do we love Lanolin? Its an all-natural stain barrier. Lanolin assists the wool to stay soft and supple. Our artisans also use lanolin. But hand handling is more time intensive, labor-intensive and costly. Although advantageous assets to the wool and rugs are worth it!

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