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cleansing Vintage Rugs with a Rental Carpet CleanerNearly every area we design has actually one as its focus many will say they’re a defining feature of my design. I get the most questions regarding how-to clean all of them since classic rugs tend to be obviously utilized, many for quite some time.

The fantastic part about coping with colorful classic rugs would be that they truly hide all wear your children and pets can put at all of them. That’s also the downside as you can’t see the use, stains, and soil that are most likely hiding truth be told there from their previous everyday lives. They seriously need to be cleaned before coping with all of them.

Making use of a rental carpet solution through the Tool Rental Center at your neighborhood Home Depot shop, you can offer your classic rug new life in only one hour.


1: collect the Rug Cleaner

Lease the rug cleaner and get the rug cleaning option from the appliance Rental Center at neighborhood Home Depot shop.

You’ll need one container of option for 750 – 1500 sq. ft, therefore one container should benefit even biggest of carpets.

In the event that you don’t currently have a large tarp, always grab one while you’re here. You need the tarp become bigger than your rug.

Step 2: Prep the Rug for cleansing

Set down your tarp outside. When you yourself have timber floors, you do not want to clean the area rug inside. The vapor solution will harm the floor’s finish. If you should be staying away from a fresh tarp, ensure it’s clean before laying the carpet straight down. (Of course, if you’re cleansing set up carpeting, you can’t use the carpet exterior. Nonetheless it’s not essential if that's the case.)

Rental Carpet Cleaner: Rug Doctor Pro on Home DepotLay the rug focused in tarp. Always have an extension cord or are near adequate to an outlet to enable you to connect when you look at the carpeting cleaner.

Step three: Fill the Rug Cleaner with liquid and Solution

The rug cleanser keeps two gallons of liquid. You will need ½ cup of carpet cleaning service answer for just two gallons.

Pour two gallons of hot water into a cooking pot or dish. Measure out ½ cup of the answer and blend it to the liquid.

Once the option and water tend to be mixed, get rid of the white tank that is above the carpeting cleaner and afin de the combination in to the blue tank underneath.

Step 4: Cleanse Your Rug

Once the container is filled, you are willing to cleanse!

Begin one spot regarding the carpet and turn on the switch. Really gradually go the rug cleaner in a straight line to the other end associated with rug. Ensure that your footwear are clean before this procedure which means you don’t track soil on newly washed aspects of the rug.

As soon as you get to the end of the carpet, take it back into the medial side you started on and operate it right-up contrary to the line you merely finished. You’ll manage to see where in fact the carpet is damp from the earlier range, so that it’s an easy task to ensure that the entire rug gets washed.

Rug physician Oxy-Steam Carpet CleanerContinue carrying this out and soon you have gone across entire rug. For a large rug, you'll likely come to an end of water and cleaner if your wanting to have finished washing the entire rug. Our carpet is an 8 x 10, so we ran out about halfway through.

Watch the clear dome on top of the white tank as you’re cleaning. You will notice water being sucked and cycled through. Once you stop witnessing brand new water arriving, you need to replenish the container.

Take away the white tank and dump the dirty liquid to the toilet and flush (in place of dumping the chemicals within the lawn).

Once you refill the container, begin cleaning again. When you’ve gone over the complete rug, switch the rug cleaner and operate it within the other direction assuring you haven’t missed any places.

After you have finished cleansing, make certain that the blue tank is empty. Then, run the cleaner within the rug once more. This can draw aside a lot of the liquid and cleansing answer that's within the rug.

With regards to the color of your rug, it could be difficult to tell a big change after it's cleaned. With this vibrant colored rug, it doesn’t look completely different after cleaning, nevertheless the cleansing answer informed another story.

After seeing this dirty water, I became so grateful we took the time to wash it!

Action 5: Enable Rug to Dry Outside

The carpet might take several times to dried out, especially if it's a dense wool carpet like this one. You don’t desire to bring it back in the home until it's dry or it could harm your floors. We set ours out in a basement to guard it from visibility. Within 48 hours, ours ended up being dry to the touch and we also introduced it back in to take pleasure from! Most installed carpeting is dried out enough to walk-on within the time or in a single day.

That’s nearly all there was to utilizing a rental carpet cleaner. It’s absolutely well worth your time and effort, and it also’s in fact type of gratifying. Now i will breathe simple whenever our child crawls across this carpet. I know she's a clean and gorgeous surface to play in!

Vintage Rug presented for Cleaning Measuring Cup with rug cleaning fluid Pouring Carpet Cleaning fluid into Two Gallon Pot Pouring Carpet Cleaning fluid into Rental Carpet Cleaner

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