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Purchasing a classic or antique rug can be a formidable task. The options and factors tend to be unlimited, and, until a couple of years ago, if you do not had been likely to Turkey or Morocco to handpick your carpet of choice straight from a bazaar, the selection generally involved hours spent in a carpet showroom, flipping through heavy piles of dirty options whose complete structure and scale you might barely discern. Well, as with anything else, the carpet business changed with all the e-commerce times, and from now on a small number of purveyors are making shopping for the carpet of your dreams a clickable, user-friendly experience. Below are our favorite online resources for everything from Beni Ourains to Persian silks to flatweave dhurries.

Solo Rugs Formerly a trade-only resource, this considerable rug seller opened to customers just last year through its first e-commerce website. So that you can make good floor covers more obtainable, Solo added dozens of less-expensive rugs to its inventory when it comes to launch, now holds both vintage and made-to-order carpets, including $150 to $60, 000.

A room featuring a Solo Rugs carpeting.

Courtesy of Solo Rugs

Etsy While Etsy is better known for its handmade choices, its large number of vendors in addition hawk classic wares, and rugs are probably one of the most popular groups, with more than 55, 000 solutions. Oriental and Beni Ourain will be the hottest styles, but there are numerous kilims, cloth rugs, also types besides.

Stark This carpet giant’s site breaks down its rugs by region and style, showing the degree of the sourcing and acting as an academic device the carpet newbie.

An overdyed carpet from ABC Residence.

Due to ABC Home

ABC Residence This legendary New York City shop, whoever two-building complex on Broadway is actually a tourist destination, shows a good part of its thousand-carpet inventory on its site. You’ll see everything from silks to Beni Ourains to flatweaves, but one special discover is ABC’s colors Reform overdyed collection, an update of worn-out antique rugs that offers them fresh life.

Kilim.com As its title proposes, this web site focuses on the level, tapestry-style woven rugs native to Pakistan and the Balkans. Kilim.com provides brand new and vintage carpets along with patchworks contains salvaged scraps of traditional rugs.

Safavieh A go-to title inside carpet globe, Safavieh has a wide-reaching selection—almost overwhelmingly so. Its website simplifies the method, though, which makes it very easy to type rugs (including an excellent vintage selection) by color, style, shape, or size.

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