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Quilted Rugs

This little mug carpet was created as a heap of gift suggestions with rickrack ribbons that are the right spot to tuck a present card or little present. For extra enjoyable, tuck a surprise in all of present's ribbon and make a person's holiday extra-special.

The red and green shade combo is ideal for Christmas time, but swap out colors while having an instantaneous Hanukkah, birthday celebration, Kwanzaa or graduation present anybody will cherish!

Materials you may need:

  • 3 gift box fabrics
  • 1 background textile
  • 1 backing textile
  • 1 binding textile
  • 1 scrap of batting 8" x 10"
  • 1 or even more rickrack or ribbon scraps

Cutting instructions:

  • 2½" x 3" rectangle for top gift package
  • 3" x 3½" rectangle when it comes to middle present box
  • 3½" x 4½" rectangle the bottom gift box
  • 3" x 7½" strip through the background fabric
  • Two 2½" x 2¾" rectangles through the history fabric
  • Two 3" x 2½" rectangles from history material
  • Two 2" x 3½" rectangles from history textile
  • 2" x 36" strip for binding
  • 8" x 10" rectangle for supporting
  • 2½'', 3" and 3½" ribbon or rickrack pieces the presents
  • 10" ribbon or rickrack piece for bow


Construct the slice pieces as shown and sew them collectively in rows. Push the seams toward the darker material.

December Mug Rug Cutting guidelinesStep 2:

Pin the ribbon or rickrack in place and sew the rows together. Secure the ribbon inside seams. They were offset to cut down on bulk, but if you will be making use of a thin silk or satin ribbon, this will never be a concern. Contemplate using multiple ribbon per gift package for extra interest.


Fold the 10" ribbon in two. Take each end and fold all of them back once again to the guts fold. This produces two loops for a bow. Pin this set up on the history strip and sew it towards the lengthy edge of the top present box row.December Mug Rug Sewing Layout If you prefer, link the ribbon in a bow and tack it down by hand when the mug carpet is complete.

Completing the mug carpet

Layer the put together unit on top of the batting and backing, and quilt. My mug carpet merely features a plan quilted around the gift containers. Trim the edges even and connect the binding.

These are therefore quick and fun that one may sew up one for all on the holiday number! Have some fun personalizing them with different fabrics and ribbons and quilting. Add a small hanging loop to the back and hang them regarding tree for xmas early morning! Or put one at each destination establishing ahead of the party meal. You choose to commemorate by using these fun small present package mug rugs, have actually an excellent time!

December Mug Rug products Needed Moda North Woods Precut Fabric

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