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“What in the world can I do with of these old t-shirts?” — an idea i've had recently as I’ve been clearing on cardboard boxes and boxes of old clothing. I needed to recycle all of them in some way simply because they weren’t all suitable for charity and I’m sentimental about garments sometimes rendering it challenging just throw all of them out! A braided carpet seemed like a wonderful concept and one that may in fact give new way life towards exhausted old t-shirts.
We took about this project across weekend, and even though it will simply take quite a long time, I’m so happy with the result! I made the decision to grab a number of blue-toned t-shirts plus some neutrals so my rug had some form of a colour scheme. You can easily completely simply make an eclectic version with every color regarding the rainbow also, so don’t concern yourself with your t-shirts all matching.

We used a total of fifteen different sized tees (both my own and Dustin’s) for a rug roughly 30″ in size. If you would like make one also, here is how to do it:

You will need:

  • Multiple jersey t-shirts and/or container tops
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter (recommended)

1 – reduce your t-shirts into 1.5″ pieces across the width regarding the body. This goes much quicker for those who have a rotary cutter. You’ll wish to cut the end of every of those so they’re strands and not loops of fabric.

Step two – Gather three strips and stack them. Tie a knot tightly to the top to begin.
3 – begin braiding the pieces.

Step 4 – when you’ve braided about 4″ regarding the pieces, coil the braid into a circle as shown above, using knot when you look at the center.

Step 5 – make the strand nearest into the center and pass it under and through one of several loops inside braid you coiled. This is the way you'll attach the braid to your coil.

Step 6 – keep your braid another couple of ins. It ought to be connected to the center coil for which you passed usually the one strand through.

Step 7 – Every few ins, pass the strand closest into center under and through the present braid to install it. You’ll do this continually to produce the whole rug! Braid and attach, braid and connect.

To include pieces:

Whenever you achieve the end of the strip, you’ll wish connect another. As opposed to making a number of knots, here's how you can rapidly attach the second strand:

1 – Fold across really end of the attached strand and slashed a small slit into the center. Perform some same with your brand new strand.

Step two – align the 2 slits you slashed on both strands as shown in photo 2.

3 – make the various other end for the brand new strand and pull it through straight back associated with the slits towards front side.

Step – Pull both strands securely and they're going to be linked together.

The rug will have a tendency to bunch up as you complement. To flatten it, spritz it with a squirt water bottle and employ both hands to press it back into shape. You can put some heavy objects upon it to hold it down whilst you braid if you need to.

I wanted in order to complete the backing of rug so that it stays set up, so I anticipate ironing on some fusible interfacing towards reverse side. You can also complete it with starch or Polycrylic squirt as a protective measure.

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