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Change associated with the Century handmade wooden rug hooks are now actually available in sizes N, P, Q & S; besides, 9mm and 13mm. Each hook is separately freehand crafted by William Schmidt inside the own signature style. They have been well suited for multi-strand crocheting as well as standard carpet crocheting.

Most are made of difficult, high-quality local hardwoods for beauty and a fair working body weight. The big crochet hooks possess intricate design just for 1/4 of their size to give for a greater smooth hold area.

The hook portion is a finely sculpted version associated with the smaller hooks. The deep curved gullet and gentle curves are designed for smooth operation. This differentiates it from many handmade and a lot of commercial hooks which can be merely slotted or have sharp corners.

Care: Though these hooks are made of difficult, strong forests they're not as hard as synthetic or steel. They should not be used for abrasive yarns or materials.

Big Hook models tend to be Boye N (8mm), Boye P (10mm), Boye Q (16mm), Bates S (19mm), and in-between 9mm and 13mm sizes. The 13mm (about 1/2 inch) fills the large gap amongst the 10mm "P" as well as the 16mm "Q". The hooks tend to be about 7-1/2 ins very long.

The woods in the preceding example are (top to bottom) Jatoba, Maple, Wild Cherry, Ash and Black Walnut. The Cherry will darken to about the color of Jatoba in time. The Jatoba is truly a Brazilian timber that i shall continue using only for the size "N" hooks (while my small supply lasts).

You may be encouraged to request specific hooks, (eg. size P - #10 walnut).
The numbers regarding the lumber lists correspond to the figures by the hooks into the adjoining picture.

Make sure i've your e-mail or phone-in instance that hook is spoken for. It could be smart to specify alternates if appropriate. I will mark set aside hooks the moment I can.

Within the following pictures, the forests are, from most difficult to softest: Maple, Dogwood, Japanese Maple, Oak, Ash, Plum, Apple, Cherry, Honey Locust, Pear, Walnut, Elm, Poplar.

In stock today:
All hooks never noted "SOLD" can be obtained.
Kindly, NEVER request hooks that have been defined as SOLD.

Set aside and sold hooks are going to be called SOLD next to the wood recognition. (web page updated 1/5/2017)
We shall hold hooks on reserve for you to two weeks pending repayment.

All hooks tend to be 8MM ("N")
Restocked on
Woods are: (top to base)

1. cherry
2. cherry - SOLD
3. cherry - SOLD
4. cherry
5. cherry
6. cherry - SOLD
7. cherry

8. dogwood - SOLD
9. dogwood - SOLD

10. walnut
11. walnut - SOLD
12. walnut
13. walnut
15. walnut - SOLD
16. walnut - SOLD

17. maple
18. maple - SOLD
19. maple
20. maple

21. ash - SOLD
22. ash
23. ash
24. ash

25. honey locust - SOLD

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