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How to make a large Area rug?

You long-time readers might recall the past carpet within room. Like numerous budget-conscious designers, I bought the thing I thought ended up being a large enough dimensions, but finished up looking wimpy.

While budget continues to be an inevitable priority for me regarding decorating, I’ve since learned that a 5×8 just ended up beingn’t going to reduce it. I needed something bigger (according to most design tips, We needed a rug big enough allowing the chairs to-be pulled down but still be in the rug). Which, obviously, would solve one problem (dimensions), but current another ($$$). With bigger rugs pushing to more than the $200 mark, i needed to get something budget-friendly, but still considerable for room.

Therefore, i did so what any similarly-minded DIYer might do: we faked the look with less expensive materials.

If you decide to look online, you’ll probably find several these tutorials already; but in the place of making use of duct tape (as numerous of them recommend), We moved with no-iron, single-sided carpet tape. The key reason with this is that carpeting tape comes with a mesh-like fibre weave inside, therefore the tape is reinforced and doesn’t rely entirely in the energy of this glue itself (which could sometimes be a problem whenever you’re trying to follow a fabric or rubberized backing). Plus, I distinctly remember from highschool just how effectively sticky carpet tape was for pageants (another post, another time, ha!). Most carpet tapes come double-sided, so right here’s a pic of single-sided version we bought (so you understand what to consider):

You can find duct tapes made likewise, but i really couldn’t see them on two individual trips whenever I went searching (all i really could find were the colorful types and the ones that state they’re powerful but don’t possess strengthened backing that i desired… which have I want to straight down in the past).

Alrighty, onto the tutorial. Some of those photographs had been taken during the night, therefore you’ll additionally be in a position to observe how drastically various this rug seems in various light (i recently love how dark its, though). backlinks may include affiliates>

The Thing You Need:

1. Lay-out both rugs, backing-side up. Since most rugs come a little curled if they’ve been rolled up-and packed for a time, enable it time for you flatten out. This can help you hold both rugs completely directly across the seam. We did not repeat this adequate before taping things (trying to protect a new carpet from puppy hair does that to ya), which explains why you’ll see my beautiful fiddle leaf fig sitting on one end for the seam maintain it from curling in the last number of pictures (a short-term measure until it’s had a chance to lay level).

2. Join both rugs over the seam you want to tape. It’s best to set it completely if the corners will match up. Even when you are expected to own a rug that’s exactly 6’5″ (or nevertheless long yours is), you can be somewhat more than the other (in the end, it is perhaps not a super high priced rug), so you’ll want to work both of all of them until it looks balanced on either end.

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