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Rugs are usually woven to a pre-planned structure, they will have set traits and you can find commonoly found designs, these can be explained as:

Rug Designs

Persian rugs, and rugs overall, have actually a limited few layouts. The vast majority of these have actually many elements in accordance, including the area, a border or multiple boundaries and some kind of medallion or pattern.

Some of the most widely used for Persian designs will be the all-over, medallion and one-sided designs. This merely refers to the kind and precise location of the habits utilized in the carpet. Below is an example of the 3 designs:

Rug Motifs

There are a number of habits that are within Persian and Oriental rugs called 'motifs', these designs have actually different meanings and tend to be made use of with respect to the location the carpet had been woven even though it is not unusual to locate several motif in one rug.

boteh motif paisley structureSome associated with the more prevalent themes tend to be:


Boteh could be the Farsi term regularly describe in immature flower or palm-leaf. This motif is usually present a group (all-over structure) nonetheless is considered found in isolation in complex, imaginative weaves.

Different interpretations associated with design have actually included: Flames, rip drops, Pine cones, Pears and Trees

In 19th century in Scotland, the look that has been after that entirely on Kashmir shawls and scarfs was copied to really make the now renowned Paisley shawls.

boteh design arak rugGul

The Gul theme is normally noticed in Turkman, Gorgan and Khal Mohammadi rugs. 'Gul' is Farsi for flower and it is typically familiar with explain these octagonal, all-over or continued patterns.


The Herati motif is a really typical continued industry design which normally is made from a flower centered within a diamond enclosed by curved leaves parallel to every side of the diamond. This is in various kinds in either geometric or curvilinear styles.


Mina-Khani is employed to describe this unique structure used in many Persian rugs. The pattern is made up of duplicated daisies interlinked by diamond (frequently curved) or circular lines. This design is used frequently in several various rug kinds and it is not representative on one solitary area. The look is practically constantly an all-over patter, it could be found in many rugs but certain workshops virtually solely utilize it such as those weaving Varamin rugs.


The Rosette design is a circular arrangement of themes radiating right out of the center medallion suggesting the petals of a flower. This could be found in the edges nevertheless is certainly caused by restricted to the area and can take either naturalistic or geometric form. The Rosette design is generally found in Nain rugs.

gul motif Turkman rug with gul theme herati motif Bijar rug (herati motif)

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