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Its an easy task to crochet a rag rug created from pieces from old T-shirts.It's very easy to crochet a rag carpet produced from pieces from old T-shirts.

Cal Patch

It is anything you'll need to make your own personal upcycled rag carpet.

Begin cutting at the bottom hem of the clothing. I slashed this component one half as broad as it's two layers.

Photo: Cal Patch

It provides myself a-thrill which will make anything new, which is helpful and stunning, from one thing old and undesired. Oversized, corporate logo-ed tees are a plentiful resource at your neighborhood thrift store or maybe even in your own cabinet. Among my favorite uses for all of them will be cut them into strips and crochet them into rugs, such as your grandmother's old braided cloth rugs but less difficult to create!

You'll need:

  • Tees (from two on up, based dimensions carpet desired), the larger the higher
  • Scissors
  • Monster crochet hook (I utilized 15 mm)
This is all you'll need to produce your very own upcycled rag carpet.

1. Cut the tops into strips, about 1 inch-wide. Beginning at the end, cut in a spiral right up the human body of the tee, and roll the strip into a ball. Stretch it while you wind so that the jersey curls up into a cord.

Start cutting at the bottom hem of this top. We cut this component half as wide as it's two layers.
Wind the strip into a ball as you slashed.

When you reach the armpits, cut right across the seams and soon you achieve the edge of the sleeves and can't cut continually any longer. I also cut element of my long strip into some reduced ones in order that I can have fun with the colors.

You'll use long strips, wound into balls, as well as quick pieces, which is prejoined for quick shade modifications.

2. Get in on the pieces. If you are working with lengthy pieces wound into balls, you can just overlap the 2 stops for a few ins before you go to participate on a new strip or to transform colors. But if you want to join plenty of short pieces for fast shade modifications, it's also important to join all of them first which means you don't need to keep preventing. Here is the way I take action: reduce a tiny slit in the finishes regarding the two pieces you intend to join, about 1/2 inches from the end and about 1/4 inch wide.

Snip to the end of this strip to produce a tiny opening.
Here are the two ends going to be joined.

Overlap both ends, lining up the holes, as shown.

Lay all of them end-to-end, overlapping the holes.

Now make the long tail for the strip whoever end is on the top, and pull it through both holes from underneath.

Pull the top strip through the holes from underneath.

Keep pulling before whole strip went through the gap and provide your final tug; you ought to have a join that feels nice and smooth and not like a knot.

And voila! A clean, strong join.

3. Prepared to crochet? Utilizing the jumbo hook, begin working with your homemade yarn into whatever shape you would like-round, oval, or rectangular. I will suggest solitary crochet for a great, durable textile, but you can take to various other stitches, also. Let the strips to curl up and twist while you work to make a thick, durable rug. You'll find it could be a bit more physically challenging to work on such a big measure, although reward is how quickly the piece will develop whenever your stitches measure 3/4 inch across!

Spend playtime with your colors as you crochet.

It will require plenty of tees to create a decent-sized rug, but do not worry-thereisn' shortage of those! And once, making a dent inside resource is good for the earth.

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