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a soft, clean area is essential for the kids who aren't however walking.A soft, clean area is essential for children who'ren't yet walking.

Shag rugs tend to be again any way you like, but just as back in the occasions of groovy lava lamps and oh-so-trendy timber paneling, cleaning and looking after all of them may seem challenging. Their upkeep, however, is relatively easy. The longer-than-normal heap provides a retro vibe, therefore the dense, cushy surface is a welcome one for your feet as you walk out of sleep. Within the living room, den or living room, a lush piece of carpeting over cold tile, laminate or hardwood floors is ideal for kids which choose to sprawl in front of the television or play on a floor.

Loosening Dirt

Make the rug outside. Hang it over a railing or sawhorse.

Beat the carpet simply difficult adequate to loosen trapped soil, dirt and dirt, using the part of a broom or handle of a mop.

Leave the rug in a sunny area for a few hours. The sun’s hot rays help kill bacteria and dust mites very often thrive in soft products, such as for example bedding and flooring.


Vacuum a shag carpet as required, which might be weekly an average of, day-to-day whether it's utilized each day by kiddies or pets, or month-to-month if it is seldom wandered or played on.

Set the vacuum’s cleaning check out large pile, in case the hoover has this method. If the cleansing mind is not adjustable, you might want to purchase a vacuum with these types of an alternative to aid control suction and then make the pinnacle glide more easily.

Suction out the dirt completely. Dirt left to work at a carpet’s materials can cause all of them to breakdown or need replacing. Don't use the vacuum’s beater club or energy at once a shag carpet. The whirling activity can snag, pull or tear-out strands.

Flip over your rug to expose its woven underside. Vacuum cleaner this area month-to-month or as needed, with the vacuum’s beater bar to eliminate more dust. Stand-on one edge of the carpet and drive the cleaner head far from that help to keep a little carpet from being sucked into an electrical mind. In the event that suction is too powerful, do not use the ability mind.

Dry Shampooing

Sprinkle the carpet with absorbent, carpet-shampoo granules for an intermittent freshening.

Work or brush the granules to the rug utilizing the vacuum's cleaning-head bristles without switching on appliance. Enable the shampoo to stay when it comes to period of time instructed regarding label, which may be about 60 minutes.

Vacuum the granules out completely .

Steam Cleansing

Lease a steam-cleaning machine - whenever required - from a rental shop or certain food markets, in the event that you don’t have one.

Steam-clean a shag rug a couple of times a-year, as it becomes soiled or if it is stained, making use of a steam-cleaning device, hot tap water and a non-foaming carpeting detergent after vacuuming the rug.

Dry the carpet by using an admirer to blow air across it for 2 hours. Shag carpeting absorbs some water and certainly will remain wet for some time.

Periodic Spills

Soak up periodic spills straight away, utilizing a light-color, absorbent cloth, such as for instance a white, terry facecloth or report towel.

Rinse the rag, fit out the majority of the liquid and employ it to keep sopping within the spill.

Check if more color from the stain is still raising on the cloth. Through a white rag, you won’t threat moving any shade from rag to the carpeting.

Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Saw horse (recommended)
  • Broom or mop
  • Carpet shampoo, dried out
  • Steam cleaner and carpeting hair care
  • Fan
  • White-rag or paper bath towel


  • Steam cleaning a carpet along with making dried out or wet hair care embedded in a rug’s materials causes harm. Just take an expensive or antique shag carpet to a specialist rug-cleaning service for appropriate cleaning and care.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions for steam-cleaner used to prevent damage, such as for instance a power surprise, and also to avoid damaging the carpet.

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