Rag rug bath mat

Rag Rugs Bath mats

IMG_9938Hi there!! If you're visiting via Pinterest or from another link, thanks so much for coming! And, while you are at it, check out around...there's a lot of fun stuff to see!

Hmmm, that seems a little strange doesn't it?...

Well, truly we saw this bathtub mat and I actually really loved it...that is, until I saw the cost. And so I believed, maybe I am able to make something such as it. And I was thinking, perhaps i could succeed away from a number of our old, not very great any longer, towels. It sounded like a great feather your nest sorts of task.

We took some towels from our linen closet which can be significantly less than business worthy. You realize, we all have them. They are used for many years, they've several accidental bleach stains in it. In fact, they'd been resigned into wardrobe as rags...so that is what we used all of them for, to make a rag carpet.

First we slice the finishes off of the towels. We just used the center of the towels because I didn't wish the non-terry cloth stripe to interfere with the braids. However slice the towels into one inch pieces. With this component I just snipped entirely across from the side of the bath towel and torn down.Rug this is somewhat messy as there were terry fabric strings and fuzz every-where, just be mindful when you have cats around...So we cleaned that mess up initially and we started initially to braid until I'd a basketful. Do not they appear like huge sweatbands?! ha-ha! Anywho...after I'd each of my towels braided it absolutely was time to attatch all of them together. First we sewed collectively the tops of two of the braids. To add the braided pieces collectively I set one down on top of the other and weaved it to the first one. Once it was in place we stitched them collectively. We carried on with this method until most of the braids were affixed. After that, I started initially to wind it around it self.
When I coiled the braid we stitched collectively the rows securely.IMG_0214 Three guidelines here: 1) Use a rather strong thread because you are going to be pulling challenging have the stitches tight, we used option thread 2) we utilized a curved needle that I just happened to have, this helped LOADS 3) sew the carpet on a-flat area to make sure you know you are stitching it level.

Then, flip it over while making several stitches on the reverse side besides to make sure everything keeps collectively and it is level.

This project took a number of days which will make. Brad rolled his eyes quite ;) He said the trend is to simply choose the rug then retracted that recommendation once I told him exactly how much it are priced at. The finished product made use of about two and a half towels. It's not awfully huge, however once more...our bathroom is teeny tiny therefore it suits completely!

So tiny that it is hard to get a good image of it within the actual restroom! Oh well, it really is reasonable for the next set of toes to use it, outside this time! And, it really is unanimous! Comfy!

It did simply take some time in order to make, but, once again, it absolutely was free! It isn't perfect, then again once more, it really is a rag carpet, that is it really is nature...And, would youn't like the cushey, comfortable feeling of a soft rag rug under their particular toes! Particularly soon after you hop out of the shower!

IMG_9931 IMG_9940 IMG_9950 Rug2

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