11 April 2015

Rag Rug yarn

Over many years, I have recorded the theory away in my mind of creating a rag carpet. The project i truly wished to decide to try had been a Martha Stewart bathtub mat made of braided towels. I've had that project back at my mental number for many years today. However, the matter that presented me personally straight back from planning to can even make a braided cloth carpet had been your whole sewing concern. I really performedn’t want to remain here and hand-sew most of the braids together into a rug.

Enter the huge crochet hook!

I'd a Craftster swap partner whom pointed out she would choose to get a home rag rug, therefore I made this lady a little crocheted rug in about a couple of hours. We ripped up some stash material I had (which was too junky to actually used to sew anything – the reason why had been it within my stash?) and a vintage sheet not long ago i obtained at thrift shop. The rug went collectively therefore quickly that we started a differnt one. It’s the right activity to complete while watching TV.
To create:

Very First: Prepare Your Fabric Pieces

I torn up strips from stash fabric (simple to rip), sheets (easy also), old curtains (easy), and clothing (less effortless!). Fundamentally, if the item is ripped up is in flat and right pieces, it’s quite easy to become fabric strips.

To tear a-flat sheet, we undo any hems, after that cut a one-inch notch inside fabric about one-inch in from hem. Rip completely to the other region of the sheet, but don’t tear towards the extremely side. Leave a quarter-inch little bit unripped, and reduce a notch about one-inch in and continue ripping. In this way, you get one lengthy strip of textile. Roll ripped textile into balls like yarn.

Just how much yarn will I get from a sheet? Presuming your pieces tend to be precisely one inch in width, a queen size flat sheet will produce more or less 255 yards of yarn. (The mathematics: a queen level sheet is 90×102 inches. 90 times 102 pieces in one-inch widths = 9180 inches. Divide by 12 getting 765 foot of yarn. Divide by 3 to obtain 255 yards. Let me know basically did my math wrong!)

Now, the carpet gets huge (about 5 legs x 5 feet) and another queen sized flat sheet ripped up into approx. 1” strips made four rows of crochet.

To become listed on torn pieces, you'll just link the finishes collectively in a square knot (in the event that you don’t mind the nubs in your finished rug), or simply just twist all of them collectively while crocheting generate a more seamless join.

To rip something like garments, you should be much more imaginative, also it involves more cutting much less ripping. Additionally does not yield much “yarn”. Something that is reasonably lengthy and level, like jeans or maybe a bathrobe or huge nightshirt might be really worth taking care of.

The design:

More capable crocheters may have better info about this, but i simply began by simply making a chain of 12, after that solitary crocheting 2 in from edge. I sc’d towards end, and then performed about 4 scs within the last few stitch (to go nearby). Manage sc-ing. Do 2 scs in one single stitch when you get near the sides. We kind of simply randomly include stitches – about 6-10 per travel across the carpet. Like we said, I’m certain there is a much more perfect method to repeat this, nonetheless it’s doing work for me.

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