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Rag Rug techniques

Re Rag Rug began as an experimental design project which explores the personal and ecological sustainability of the carpet.

During year we created 12 special rugs in 12 different textile strategies. The materials is waste and excess through the textile business and old clothes - material that could usually be discarded.

With several types of rags in combination with many different stitching, platting, crocheting, knitting, macramé, rolling, cutting, applique, embroidery, structure- and relief results, three dimensionality, colour- and dyeing methods, but in addition experimenting with machines, the we now have developed 12 brand-new qualities and expressions of rugs.

Re Rag Rug is a good example how design is ways to assist durability, and that an apparently useless product could be added worth. A number of the rugs manufactured with craft methods that don't need large spaces or devices and might consequently be produced as cottage business in textile producing countries. Such a production, making use of waste would be environmentally lasting at the same time socially lasting - given that manufacturing becomes a platform for establishing crafts and where work is produced.

Our work has-been off-line and shared on-line. The process is published on and it is an open screen to the studio.
Inside exhibition we provide: Tailor, Kasuri, Pepita, Archipelago, Milky Method, Rosengång, Aquarelle, Off Pist, Re Orient, Squeeze, Nomad and Confetti – all making use of their own tale.

a carpet is the ultimate textile furniture. Through times it is often on our flooring, bedrooms, wall space and tables. All over the world rugs guard against cool flooring and draft, they will have a m ajor impact on the acoustics of a space. They gather categories of furnitures in a s rate, generate a-room into the space and serve as an aestetic factor to an area. Rugs should resist becoming stood, wandered and crawled upon and they're crucial bearers of culture for many people.

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