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Rag Rug Instructions tutorial

This tutorial is aimed at structure #6345.

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For this bracelet you will require a much wide range of strings.

I'm using 6 different colors knotted along with an overhand knot- you might perform some standard "folded in half" method but you'll n't have as much random colors inside pattern!

This pattern only is comprised of two rows.

Step 1

Divide your strings into pairs
Use the remaining sequence in each pair which will make a forward knot onto its companion sequence off to the right.

Step 2

Push 1st and last strings aside
Make two pairs and make backward knots utilizing the right string to knot onto the remaining sequence.

when attempting this bear in mind also link it around your wrist perhaps not vice versa

The original author of this tutorial is BeyondBracelets, but it has also been modified by Foz, Jeckle, candyfloss100, k_marie and Alicat. The guide was final updated 3 years ago.

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