Contemporary Rag Rug Ideas

Rag Rug Ideas

A great carpet can change a room—but its potential does not visit the floor. Through the dining area towards the bed toward shower, we’re showing you seven effortless, innovative how to shake up your carpet game: keep reading to get motivated.

Inside Living Area

Luxe, attractive, and fantastically plush, sheepskin rugs look great just about anyplace. The dining location isn't any different: Casually draped throughout the chair seating, they produce a bohemian-chic environment for dishes while also adding a lot of cozy surface.

An additional benefit? The layered sheepskins can help to unify a mismatched food set, such as the normal and decorated bamboo chairs right here.

Into the kitchen area

While traditional wisdom might dictate a runner, two smaller rugs could work equally well when you look at the kitchen area. We love cloth rugs with regards to their informal, comfortable look and nubby surface, which instantly warms up sleek cupboards and appliances. They’re additionally incredibly washable, therefore there’s you don't need to fear any (inevitable) home spills.

Rag rugs come in a number of soft, muted patterns. In this thin home, we opted for multicolor stripes to help produce the illusion of a bigger room.

On the Bed

Love a minimalist room but nevertheless crave some color and pattern? Decide to try topping your bedding with a fringed flat-weave carpet. If the bed is manufactured, it makes a perfectly pared-down however inviting look. And when it’s time for you to climb up under the covers, simply fold the rug right down to the base of the sleep. This setup is particularly perfect for the summer months, as it takes huge duvet out of the equation.

In bathtub

Swap out your basic shower pad for one thing with a bit more attractive punch. Natural-fiber rugs (believe sisal and bamboo) add warm, organic surface that offsets all those shiny bath surfaces; they also hold-up well to damp, humid problems. Cover rugs, which incorporate softness with durability, tend to be another stellar choice.

And whilst the bathtub may possibly not be initial destination you think to use a classic rug, they’re amazingly suitable to the area. All things considered, they’ve organized to several years of damage, therefore several drips won’t do any enduring harm.

On a sofa

Wish an instant solution to improve your sitting, no furniture or slipcovers needed? Draped over a seat, a settee, or a sofa, a flat-weave carpet can create an entirely fresh appearance: Merely smooth the rug down throughout the back and chair, and tuck it gently to the seam. (Suggestion: Leave at least a foot or so holding throughout the back associated with the piece; the extra weight will keep consitently the carpet positioned.)

We love exactly how this rug’s soft yellow hue blends with the sofa, but a more high-contrast appearance can be equally elegant.

On a Daybed

After the exact same formula, you should use a flat-weave rug to efficiently upgrade an upholstered daybed. Select a carpet that is various inches narrower compared to the width associated with support, then simply cover and tuck before you have actually a smooth finish. Play within the bohemian vibe with a pile of throw cushions and bolsters in worldly prints (pretty furry friend recommended).

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez; styling by Michelle Wong

On the Wall

With wealthy, radiant hues and complex, handwoven styles, numerous classic rugs are true works of art—so why not give them pride of put on your wall? Rugs with a defined edge, for instance the warm-tone style here, review specially really as artwork, though designs with a repeating design (stripes, chevrons) add a graphic remember that’s gorgeous also.

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez; styling by Michelle Wong

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