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How to make a round Rag Rug?

March 6, 2011: i have been wanting to atart exercising . "quick" movies to show the method for using flat and fitted in sheets to make continuous balls of products to crochet rag rugs, and show some basic methods around increasing, decreasing, and changing colors, too. At long last performed the "very first draft" of those movies. I'd hoped they would be simply a few moments each (i've the eye span of a gnat!) if you view the movies (found here) please do inform me within the comments if it was worthwhile, excessively, too little, etc. when I wish to make another much more 'polished' round of movies, or eliminate something that doesn't work. Making crocheted rag rugs is indeed FUN!!! love...

The first post we published about crocheting cloth rugs can be found in its entirety, here.

Edited to incorporate: Quite a few men and women have discovered this site seeking 'how to crochet a cloth rug', and so I went back and saw that I could add some clarifying things that i really hope allow it to be beneficial to utilize. If you're considering making a rag carpet this way, I strongly recommend it! They have been stunning, homey, therefore useful. We make mine out of repurposed bed linens, and they also effortlessly only pop to the washer and dryer for speedy clean! Let me reveal my personal favorite one which I've ever made; we made it for my pal, and, i ought to add here, they make great 'race paths' for small males to try out cars on! :) If you will find any questions/clarifications that might be helpful, let me know!

I talked about a week ago that I had crocheted a bath pad for our restroom (tiny, small small bathroom!) and though I'd to take it apart twice, it absolutely was nevertheless completed by the next day. We caused it to be too-big two times, but third time was a charm. Here it is in action.

At that time that I experienced crocheted my initial rag carpet, I had discussed how-to do it using repurposed sheets, therefore I believed I would feature that right here also. Right here its, from my old blog site:

We caused it to be over three days, and it's really nearly four legs in diameter, though i do believe in photo it might be misconstrued as a placemat. It is big and dense so homely. It really is what it really's allowed to be.

It started off as a number of thrifted sheets. I think We utilized 6 sheets, that are priced at from 2 to 4 dollars each. It absolutely was probably about $15 worth of product. (Though there was clearly lots left over! I've really made 3 rugs applying this material.) Grams's favorite color is blue. She really loves it. She dislikes yellowish.

I became way not looking forward to cutting all these sheets up into lengthy strips (you can see the way I needed to move the pieces up into balls when you look at the photo above. hehe we said "balls" hehe). You must reduce almost all the best way to the conclusion, move over an inch or even more, after that cut practically all the way to the other end, over-and-over. Ugh. But, like report, material has directionality, and it turned out, with optimum irritation to my better half but minimal production by me, that i possibly could reduce a starter then just tear the sheet all the way to the other end. Brilliant. Edited to include: a couple of things:

Initially: See in photo, exactly how as of this end I tore all the way to put on the fold/hem is? That's great! Sometimes on the other side end, where there's no thick hem that way, you fly quickly the advantage with overzealous tearing. Which is fine, you will have to 'reattach' all bits before you roll all of them into a ball. By 'reattach' i am talking about 'tie collectively'. Some people might sew all of them collectively, but i prefer the austere look, when you are crocheting all of it simply gets wrapped in together anyway and that means you do not even comprehend. Often, the hem is indeed deep that preventing indeed there will leave a way too large 'flap' at the end. I just keep scissors convenient once I'm crocheting it together, as soon as I get to a spot which is far too dense, I recently trim it down as I go along.

2nd: level sheets would be best, you could use fitted sheets. The biggest issue i have had with installed sheets, is the fact that the weave is 'unpredictable'. Which means that the 'directionality' we stated earlier can be difficult to get, or alterations in the midst of the action. For those who have a fantastic pattern or color on a fitted sheet (or, for instance, seem to be using the matching flat sheet) i'd nonetheless say it really is good to utilize them. We cut away the flexible parts then pretend like I am able to determine which direction to start by scrutinizing the weave design. We cannot. Fundamentally, I just begin a cut and tear as far as I can (stop one-inch from end, if you get that far!). If I get to one other end, I move over about an inch and commence a new cut after that rip straight back, leave about an inch at the end, move over about an inch, begin a cut and rip back once again (stop at within 1 inches associated with end), etc. If the tear goes wonky (veers off or dead stops) however only select a brand new place and then make a small cut and rip once more. There is a small amount of product waste in this manner (occasionally I've wound up with scraps that just aren't really worth tearing more), but it's easy and quick, to ensure's your trade-off.

Then I simply utilized those strips ~ in addition to this MASSIVE crochet hook (Edited to include: S Hook) ~ and used a straightforward increasing-rounds design and a simple double-crochet stitch, around and around and around, changing colors when I ran away, mainly, but also for asthetic, sometimes. We later on found out through a bit of research that "conventional" crochet rag rugs mainly use a single crochet, but actually, I favor it just the way in which it is. Edited to incorporate: To 'change' colors, i simply tie the latest end to your old end and keep crocheting! So simple.

I left all the stringy-parts and rough edges and tied pieces (which you can only see on the back side) because I thought it was all part of its charm.

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