Needed to make a rag rug

How to make a Rag Rug frame?

Some of my fondest memories, at age a few, had been the times I spent because of the Turners in their little two area shotgun household that they rented from my grand-parents.

Mrs. Turner had been a singer together quilt making-and, the left-over scraps of material were converted into rag rugs

Fast toward late 2009 whenever John and I also headed for Amish country in Ohio as well as the nation Living Magazine nation Fair. We decided to go to many workshops, nevertheless the one on rag rugs cut back images in my own brain of Mrs. Turner, as she sat at her loom with a basket filled with fabric strips beside the girl.

Throughout many years i have collected handmade products, I never found any cloth rugs out of this location, however We knew it absolutely was a people art that when ended up being practiced inside Delta. In addition knew I experienced to learn the strategy.

Armed with a frame and a collection of instructions, we came home and began my love affair using this classic art form.

Previously, wooden picture frames,
or an identical wood form, were used when it comes to loom.
My loom is made of pine and completing nails.

The process is extremely simple-anyone could learn it rapidly.
Indeed, even you!

The first step is to string the warp (vertical) with textile pieces.
I tear my strips-much faster than cutting.

Then begin weaving. . .

Appropriate over; then under. . .Right more than; then under. . .Right over; after that under. . .

The rhythm of it is really so soothing,

therefore, therefore easy. . .

Rows are worked relatively equal above and base.

This keeps a straight stress on carpet.

A close-up regarding the weave.

I personally use a crochet hook to pull the pieces through the last number of rows.

If the carpet is completed, it is the right time to pull the steel rods out.

And, then, off the fingernails it comes down!

It just took me weekly to accomplish the carpet!

It is of recycled fabric.

It really is no-cost.

It's going to endure forever.

During our Fall 2011 trips for the farm, we demonstrated weaving a rag rug for the site visitors. It absolutely was a huge hit using college teams, especially the men!

Numerous site visitors were quick to relate their own tales about these rugs. I enjoyed hearing every one and received some really good guidelines.

There was one lady visitor who had been extremely excited, saying,

"i'ven't seen these rugs since I have had been a kid!"

Then she told her story about the lady she knew which made them.

As she spoke, I again had visions of Mrs. Turner.

She'd be so proud.

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Take note: I am so sorry, however the design because of this certain rag carpet frame is John's own, therefore I cannot supply the details for this. He's perfected it over time. The looms could be purchased at your old-country Store-link into the right line.
Weavers in the past utilized any lumber framework and spread the fingernails in accordance with the textiles to be used. Thicker textiles need broader spacing, but generally these people were put 1/2" -1 1/2".

To resolve questions about weaving the strips, it really is right strip on the remaining strip and also the correct one goes in after that warp. Then your initial left strip becomes the right choice, so it is right over left once more. Maintain across. Click the tutorial photo for a better view of the procedure. In the opposite side, simply change and come back, using either the proper over left again or switch to left appropriate.

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