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Easy Rag Rug

Rag Rug - Cutting The FabricFinally! I very first blogged about any of it cloth carpet back early September and instantly got several questions about steps to make one. I googled "rag rugs" to see if there clearly was an easy guide to deliver people to, but I couldnt find guidelines that were perhaps not too difficult or rather suitable for how I was crocheting this rug.

I assume there are lots of techniques to utilize rags to produce rugs...hooked, braided, sewed, crocheted, binded, etc. Not merely one fit exactly how my Grammer Shirley taught me personally whenever I was a lady. After that somebody requested me personally easily would definitely do a tutorial. A tutorial? Me personally? Really after more idea and research, I decided to publish one. So, subsequently, Ive been awaiting the performers to be lined up only completely meaning the boys napping, sunlight shining (permanently picture taking), rather than way too much else to accomplish. Really that hasnt occurred since September. But these days I had 2 away from 3 performers. The only issue had been your heavens had been cloudy therefore the indegent lighting effects within my cooking area makes picture taking all pinky. Oh well, you like red don't you?


  • lots of towels, old used clothing or sheeting (this 1 was pajama pants and classic sheeting)
  • huge crochet hook (because of this I used a 11.5 size)
  • ruler
  • scissors


  1. Lay-out your textile on a set surface. Measure out 1 1/2 inches from edge of the textile piece and slashed a long strip entirely down preventing 1 inches lacking the end (see picture below).
  2. Measure 1 1/2 inches over from your very first slice and beginning close to in which you simply slashed lacking the side, cut another strip so that the two pieces are nevertheless connected at the very top. This time around stop cutting 1 inches short once more. Go over another 1 1/2 inches and continue alternating the top/bottom 1 inch margin. It will look something such as the photo below.
  3. After all of the fabric strips are cut, roll them into balls. They appear really nice saved in this manner in a container or dish when you mess around using the colors and habits for the carpet you'll be making.
  4. Today, now I am assuming you have some crochet experience. You dont need to be a professional (trust in me Im not), however you do need to have the ability to crochet solitary crochet stitches into the main string. If not send right here or obtain a good basic crochet guide with a lot of photographs. We started out re-learning to crochet aided by the Happy Hooker and would suggest it.
  5. So, if you feel significantly confident within crochet, make your slip-knot and chain 6 and form a group using sequence by simply making a slip-stitch into the very first chain. This will be the tight center group of one's rug. (Proficient crocheters take their at this understand in which this will be going)
  6. Next, make a string of 2 stitches and crochet two new stitches into each current stitch. Which means you go from 6 stitches in the 1st group to 12 in the next. From here it really is incorporating stitches by feel. The weight of the material while the size of your stitches will determine just how many stitches may be in each of the next sectors. Keep your stitches loose and comfortable because should they get also tight, the following bypass are going to be killer in your fingers.

    If rug gets wavy, you are taking down several stitches by skip a stitch occasionally. In case it is curling on you, make an extra stitch in some places. Sorry that there is no real structure, but this is one way Grammer taught me personally and thats how I am achieving this one. The goal is to make the rug level by firmly taking various stitches away and including stitches here and there. While its perhaps not perfect, walking onto it several times will flatten it out for certain.

  7. Now what happens when you can the termination of your baseball of material strips? Some habits tell sew in the after that strip, although easiest method is merely to tie it on to the last one. It generates for an even more rustic and imperfect rug...which is exactly what We happen to like. And its simply easy. If you are sewing near a knot, have it as near as you can into rug and then leave it on the straight back part and keep on sewing.
  8. In order to complete it off, link the tail this is certainly kept in to the main carpet and snip from the end. That's it!

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