Types Of Persian Rugs

Types of Persian Rugs

red flowery design tabriz rugWhile a specialist would effortlessly be able to differentiate a Tabriz from a Heriz and a Kashan from an Ishfahan, could you? Here are some unique faculties of each and every kind that may help you impress a person with your understanding of Persian rugs:

Tabriz Rugs

Floral Design Tabriz Rug

Tabriz rugs originate from Tabriz, capital city of Azerbaijan and another for the earliest rug weaving centers in your community. They are top-notch rugs with a wool or wool/silk stack and a cotton or silk warp. The patterns vary from teardrop medallions to flowery, woods and hunting scenes. Classic Tabriz rugs are extremely valuable and that can simply be present unique personal choices and museums.

Heriz Rugs

Geometric Heriz Rug

conventional Kashan Rugs with flowery designBright vibrant colors and characteristic strong patterns make these rugs an easy task to identify. Heriz rugs will usually feature an oversized medallion when you look at the center, with a double or triple overview and enormous spot pieces. These rugs are extremely durable and will last for generations.

Kashan Rugs

Traditional Kashan Rug

The medallion and corner pattern on an ornately designed flowery industry is a trademark of Kashan rugs. The colors utilized in the designing is usually a combination of deep blues, rich reds and ivory with periodic splotches of yellowish, green and burnt lime. These rugs are top-notch with a knot matter that ranges from 100kpsi to over 800 kpsi.

Gabbeh Rugs

Ordinary Pattern Gabbeh

Woven by Qashqai and Luri weavers inside Zagros Mountains, the tribal influence is very evident in Gabbeh rugs. Made of regional handspun wool, these rugs are thick and coarse while the designs tend to be simple and easy woven on a plain rich industry of color. Only natural dyes are utilized and typical colors of these rugs tend to be orange, yellowish, rust or red.

Yellow shade gabbeh rugIsfahan Rugs

Silk & Wool Isfahan

The look of Isfahan rugs is very balanced and shaped. Typically it will probably include one indigo, rose or blue medallion in the middle of vines and woven on an ivory background.

Nain Rugs

Ivory color Nain Rug

Nain rugs tend to be top-notch with, really high-quality wool and a knot count of about 300 kpsi to 700 kpsi. The patterns are intricate and usually include blue or green intertwined branches with small plants woven on a white or light ivory background.

Mashad Rugs

Traditional Red Mashad

Mashad rugs typically function a lone, oversized Shah Abbasi medallion when you look at the target a more sophisticated background filled up with flowery motifs in a curvilinear design. These rugs are large with a wool stack and a cotton foundation.

Balouchi Rugs


Because of their nomadic tribal original, you’ll seldom look for a big sized Balouch rug. These small rugs have actually easy geometric habits and are woven with sheep wool that's dyed blue or crimson. The sides utilize camel or goat hair in beige or brown.

Qum Rugs

Silk & Wool Qum
– over 700 kpsi

Also referred to as Koum, Kom, Kumm, Qhum, or Ghom, these rugs are woven within the Qum province of Iran. Qum rugs are good quality. They're tightly knotted, with a lavish heap of silk or cotton fiber and complex styles offering a mix of flowers, wild birds, medallions, hunting scenes and landscapes in dark-blue, reddish brown or orange. Turquoise is always utilized in some element in a Qum rug.

ivory shade silk and wool isfahan rug Ivory shade nain carpet with flowery desin cherry-red and dark blue Mashad Persian Rug small balouchi persian rug

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