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colors available Knotted Oriental Rugs originates from vegetable dyesOriental carpet colors play an important influencing role within interior decor. Whether we have been buying rugs, drapes or just about any other decorating, we either choose our colors carefully according to the atmosphere we are trying to produce for the reason that specific area.

We possibly may choose blue to generate a far more soothing, slow paced life or yellowish to provide the area a bright, sunny appearance. For rug weavers though, colors were more than just a decorative element.

Various colors had different meanings and differing weavers choose their colors deliberately with regards to the message they desired to express through their design and design.have a look at a few of the more commonly utilized colors in oriental rugs plus the message just what each of these colors signified:

veggie dyes make use of for Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs


All-natural flowers use for dying the hand-knotted rugsTo the Persians, specially the orthodox Mohammedans, green is considered to be a holy shade as it's from the Prophet Mohammed. Weavers used the color green sparingly. It was often reserved for many parts of the carpet that have been not likely to be walked on very often, such as the sides and edges. Green is viewed as along with of hope, life, Spring and renewal.


Red could be the colour of fire. Its a high-energy color that invokes pleasure, delight, passion, courage, virility, belief and an exciting life-force. Weavers utilized the colour red liberally within their weaving to carry focus on certain patterns or motifs that they wished to emphasize.


vegetable-dye-colorsBrown presents the planet earth and soil and is regarded as the colour of virility.


Colour azure symbolizes a feeling of strength and or force. It represents energy, sincerity and solitude also alludes towards the afterlife.


Yellow is the color of the sun as well as in the weavings also yellowish is linked to the sunshine and signifies the joy of life and lifestyle.


Orange can be used to incorporate a little humility or piety on design.


Gold implies energy and wealth. It had been used sparingly in oriental rugs and ended up being usually set aside for rugs which were specifically woven for royalty and rulers.


White is a pure shade and it is related to purity for the heart, purity, selflessness, cleanliness and peace.


Black is a forceful color and often lends itself towards symbolizing doom and destruction. Rug weavers really hardly ever regularly develop full patterns or even to produce the carpet field. Once they douse black, it is usually to produce outlines and boundaries being define an exact design.

All-natural flowers make use of for dying the hand-knotted rugs

Sourcing the dyes for oriental rugs

All dyes found in oriental rugs tend to be obtained from natural sources. The nomadic tribal who had been the initial weavers made use of a number of indigenous plants and pests to get the colors with which they dyed the wool.

Various shades of green were gotten from crushing and boiling a variety of leaves.

Red had been extracted from the origins associated with Madder flowers or occasionally from broken systems of particular pests found in the region.

Browns had been obtained from oak bark and walnut fruits, both of which were discovered amply in the region.

Yellows were created from Ox-eye camomile flowers, pomegranate skins, saffron or vine leaves.

Blue had been got from Dyers Woad Blue plant, which yields indigo, the most important blue dye.

Some dye resources were quickly found and had been more straightforward to draw out and so they were utilized liberally in carpet weaving. However, some dyes resources are not so typical. The rarity among these resources meant that those colors were costly to get and they were used really sparingly.

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