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The main drive behind Pak Persian Rugs online is to offer clients all around the globe with a dependable and honest platform to get top quality handmade rugs at the most useful costs and service without leaving their domiciles.


Pak Persian rugs, an award-winning manufacturer, merchant, and wholesaler had been established in 1947 in Lahore, Pakistan as Rashid Carpet Factory by Abdul Rashid Butt, a wool dyeing expert for handmade rugs. Abdul Rashid had 8 sons as well as all joined your family company. By the 1970s, the company had expanded to bigger scale manufacturing and export to Europe as well as the United States. Pak Persian Carpets became the newest name associated with the organization, and retail outlets had been created in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad as well as in numerous locations overseas.

The Islamabad showroom ended up being founded by Abdul Rashid's child, Zulfiqar, in the early 1970s. Zulfiqar had gone back to join the family members company after a stint of several years within the UK, in which he found and married his brand new Zealand wife, a music specialist. Over time working during the business in Lahore, Zulfiqar and Lynley moved to Islamabad, where Zulfiqar unsealed a showroom within the new capital city and Lynley began teaching songs and making and acting in theatrical productions. One of the primary carpet showrooms in Islamabad, the outlet had immediate success and was immensely well-known for its high quality, rates, and solution among locals and diplomatic neighborhood.

Zulfiqar and Lynley had four children, three sons and a daughter. Haroon, the eldest child, pursued a fruitful career as a singer/musician in Pakistan and is also the producer and manager of this Emmy-nominated and Peabody-winning kid's super-hero animated tv program Burka Avenger. Laila, the youngest by a decade, received a Bachelor's degree with Honors in the UK and it is pursuing an effective career here as a project manager.

Others two sons, Da'oud and Ben, both Honors students from University of Otago in brand new Zealand in Ideas Systems and Business Management correspondingly, joined up with the business inside belated 90s and started Pak Persian Rugs online in 2000 (developed fully in-house) using goal of making high quality rugs offered by reasonable prices to clients global. After handling a showroom for 10 years in Brisbane, Australia, Ben at this time moves extensively, coordinating with customers globally and managing day-to-day operations, while Da'oud, Pak Persian Rugs' programmer and UNITED KINGDOM representative, at this time resides in London. Both are totally mixed up in operating and maintenance of Pak Persian Rugs online.


These days, Pak Persian Carpets exports handmade rugs towards the USA, European countries, Far East Asia, additionally the center East, and has obtained numerous honors for high quality, including:

Excellence Award

Presented because of the former President of Pakistan, Mohammad Rafiq Tarar

Best Export Performance

Provided because of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & business Presented by The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry


In addition to individual retail customers, some of our wholesale consumers through the Pakistan Foreign Office and differing carpet dealers in London, San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brussels, and different places close to Pakistan.

presidential honor chamber award golden circle award

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