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The natural smell of silk and wool fills a showroom piled waist-high with large number of hand-woven rugs, many of them hundreds of years old. It is a familiar aroma, one that connects this Westwood shop to Tehran's bazaars nearly 8, 000 miles away.

A number of the rugs, dyed with natural ingredients such as for instance walnut skins, pomegranate and acorn cups, took a decade and five visitors to make, shop owner Alex Helmi says.

Among their preferred pieces is a 9-foot ivory carpet commissioned by Iran's Ministry of society in the 1930s to honor the Persian poet Ferdowsi, whose poem "Shahnameh, " or "Book of Kings, " is the nationwide epic of Iran. Archers ride on horseback throughout the carpeting, their particular arrows directed at deer frolicking through silken woodland.

For Helmi, the carpet is a connection not only to their homeland and to his social roots.

"we've been achieving this for thousands of years, " Helmi says. "this will be section of our record."

But the Persian carpet marketplace was a casualty of Iran's present history, as well as its chilly commitment with all the US.

A 2010 embargo on Iranian-made rugs features meant tough times for vendors particularly Helmi, whom discovered his rugs, many of them since featherweight as a comforter, swept up in a conflict of diplomats, geopolitics and nuclear brinkmanship. Come early july's landmark intercontinental nuclear agreement, but has actually paved the way in which for importing rugs once more with what ended up being when Iran's largest international market.

"that is an art form, not just a business, " Helmi claims. "for me, sanctioning a form of art is like saying never deliver French paintings to America."


As a young child in Tehran, Joseph Tizabi grew up having fun with toys on rugs embroidered with silk blossoms and attractive styles. Each area in the residence had rugs in radiant colors. On evenings they might put functions, they switched aside their particular everyday rugs to get more magnificent ones.

"We've had Persian rugs inside our home all my entire life, " he claims as he unfurls a mustard-and-magenta carpet in his Westwood family room.

Whenever method of getting rugs dwindled and costs shot up throughout the embargo, numerous clients stopped buying high-end Persian rugs. However for Tizabi, their link with his homeland — and youth memories — had been also powerful to remain away.

The beauty of the rugs is based on "the talent and experience passed generation by generation, " Tizabi, 57, says.

For rich collectors like Tizabi, the embargo is a mixed case. It has included price into Persian rugs that they possess, but they eagerly await its end so they can increase their particular choices.

"in the event that you collect them, that you don't get them when it comes to value going up, " Tizabi claims. "You buy it for enjoyment from it."

Tizabi groups the mustard carpeting and inspects its color. Each step he takes reveals yet another hue each morning sunshine.

Following the 1979 Iranian transformation, just two of his father's rugs managed to make it to l . a .. Tizabi has held onto those pieces, a set of 150-year-old tapestries full of blossoms, trees and wildlife that he stores within the bedroom of his 17th-floor condominium.

He along with his wife never offer their particular rugs, he says, although their particular collection will probably be worth thousands of dollars.

"this really is part of our being, " he claims. "Any Persian residence you are going in, they'll get one. It's something that's within united states."

At Tousi Rugs in Westwood, Adel Tousi admires a threadbare russet carpet. Almost 300 years of age, the silk carpet is a bit of Persian tradition which has outlasted monarchies and revolutions.

"My grandfather purchased from an enthusiast about 55 years ago, " Tousi states.

His family has been in the Persian rug industry for five years, with galleries from Saudi Arabia to California.

"It's all I'm sure, " Tousi, 32, states. "we was raised available."

On height of the company, Tousi's dad would import hundreds — occasionally thousands — of rugs at a time, filling big delivery bins on brim.

"In one delivery, he earned 500 rugs and marketed all of them within the exact same little while, " he says.

Aside from oil, Persian carpets were the merchandise that suffered many from the sanctions. Experts state that prior to the embargo, the U.S. comprised one-fifth of Iran's carpeting exports.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said he expects sanctions becoming lifted by the 12 months's end, but other people say it may just take half a year. Before limitations are lifted, Iran must dismantle areas of its nuclear services and minimize its uranium stockpiles under international supervision. In the event that U.S or any permanent member of the U.N. Security Council thinks Iran has lied about its atomic system, it will be able to demand a vote to get rid of the suspension of sanctions.

For Tousi, the embargo has meant less product sales, nonetheless it has additionally meant that people Persian rugs which do sell can bring a greater cost. Some of Tousi's rugs offer for longer than $30, 000, whilst customers progressively search for cheaper Afghan and Pakistani rugs.

"It is difficult to sell a Persian carpet which is more expensive to an individual who doesn't know the reputation for rugs, whon't really care, " says Tousi, which operates the company with his dad and cousin.

Prior to the embargo, he says, dealers and enthusiasts would can be bought in daily. But like many dealers in a business saddled by the sanctions, the Tousis have actually resorted to attempting to sell cheaper center Eastern rugs to be able to stay afloat.

Usually, he states, "we might in the course of time need to walk out company."

Helmi in addition has thought pressure of cheaper rugs off their areas of Asia and Middle East. Although customers at his shop, Damoka, nonetheless buy Persian rugs, many more have actually considered Indian or Pakistani rugs because their particular muted colors fit current styles.

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