Perfect Persian Rug Designs

Persian Rug Designs

Oriental RugSome Oriental rugs have a large main floral medallion surrounded by smaller flowery medallions in the carpet industry whereas others have a similar sized medallion duplicated for the rug either in a synchronous duplicated pattern or in a concentric design. Furthermore, in oriental rugs, the medallion usually takes almost any form squares and triangles to hexagons, diamonds, octagons, movie stars and rhomboids.

Flowery medallions tend to be a certain specialty amongst the majority of the weaving communities. This is because they truly are supposedly a representation for the lotus flower, which the weavers look-up on as a sacred flower. A floral medallion might built as a single rose or it might probably include a number of little plants grouped collectively to form a medallion. The most typical flowery Persian carpet is made from a central medallion that is framed by limited medallions into the four corners on a background area of plants, vines and tree of life motifs.

Various Kinds Of Medallion Designs On Oriental Rugs

Although there are wide ranging variations associated with the flowery medallion layout, them come under four standard groups:

Geometric Medallion With Simple Designs:

Inside group, the concept medallion is featured as a plainly defined main motif which is enclosed by lower or a larger section of basic floor. The sides for the basic surface often have hectic triangular design elements. The central medallion, simple surface and triangular sides are typical framed by a distinct border. Though some carpet styles represent this group much more loosely, other styles of rugs have actually a hard and fast representation for this design. The Abadeh rug is a classic exemplory instance of the latter. Abadeh Persian rugs typically function a single diamond-shaped medallion when you look at the center and 4 smaller motifs at each and every part. The main medallion features numerous stylized rose, animal and bird patterns.

Geometric Medallion With All-Over Styles

The rugs within group are mostly village rugs. They feature one really prominent geometric medallion inside center. The ground surrounding the central medallion is covered with a number of tiny themes which may take a frequent or unusual pattern. The fine details of the central medallion in addition to surrounding designs alllow for a visually hectic but very interesting searching carpet.

Geometric Repeating Medallion Designs

During these rugs, the medallion is woven in as a repeating structure or as an alternating structure. This structure is typical of this rugs through the Kurdish places and also the Caucasian areas round the Caspian water and is additionally usually created by the tribal weavers of Shiraz, Qashqai rugs and Sennah rugs.

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