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C. Some types of styles though don't require a top knot count - rugs with less complicated designs for-instance and geometric-patterned rugs generally speaking. Furthermore, with many tribal rugs, particularly with Baluchi rugs, knot count is not really a very considered factor in comparison to a city-made rug.


The greatest handmade rugs have actually piles primarily consists of wool, silk, or a mix of the two. The warp (base) associated with the carpet are either cotton, wool, or silk.

Typically, wool heap rugs are simpler to maintain. Spillage on wool rugs for instance is less of an issue versus silk rugs. You can read more on treatment and upkeep on different sorts of rugs here.

The materials found in the rugs on our site are the following:

A. Handspun wool - the perspective for the wool in handspun wool rugs is naturally irregular and variable. The dyes consequently have a tendency to catch unevenly, providing the carpet a pleasing aftereffect of abrash (varying colors of the identical color inside stack of a rug). The stack will generally speaking feel a little coarser than a machine-spun wool carpet. Our Chobi rugs and Gabbeh rugs use handspun wool.

B. Worsted wool - worsted wool is extra fine wool that is combed to remove shorter size fibers, additionally more straightening the materials to lay all of them parallel, plus clean any debris. There is certainly greater shine, higher fineness, and in general higher quality into wool pile in a rug that uses worsted wool. A lot of the rugs in our Pak Persian collection usage worsted wool.

D. Art. silk - brief for artificial silk, this will be mercerized cotton fiber. Some rugs will use a little a amount of mercerized cotton as shows within the rug. Numerous rugs inside our Mori collection have highlights of art. silk.

E. Wool - regular fine quality wool.


Dyes are a very important area of the top-notch a rug. Discover an abundant continuous debate about the utilization of synthetic vs. all-natural dyes. Rugs with natural dyes tend to be muted and have abrash - an all natural difference within the color of the identical colour. They probably age better on the very long term regarding just how a rug fades. However, artificial dyes tend to be longer-lasting and will be more radiant and richer in colour, in addition to even more consistent. Considering that the very early 1900s, artificial dyes have already been of a really quality whenever properly formulated and placed on the wool. Many handmade rugs these days use artificial dyes. But all-natural dyes are nevertheless in use. The rugs within Chobi rugs collection and Gabbeh rugs collection generally make use of all-natural dyes.

Pile Height

Many Persian and oriental rugs do not generally have extremely thick piles considering that the longer the pile, the more the meaning regarding the design inside carpet will suffer - it is "blurrier" because of the lengthy, thick pile. However, should you favor a soft stack, you may such as the rugs inside our Mori collection. These tend to have softer, silky heaps. Instead, you might buy an excellent rug underlay, which will provide any carpet a more cushioned feel and also will assist to protect the fibers inside rug.

One element to take into account with heap level is if the rug are going to be in a place where a door may have to open up throughout the carpet. Inside latter situation, please inform us and we'll assess the pile level for you.

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