Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs from Iran

Persian Rugs from Iran

The natural smell of silk and wool fills a showroom piled waist-high with large number of hand-woven rugs, many of them hundreds of years old. It is a familiar aroma, one that connects this Westwood shop to Tehran s bazaars nearly 8, miles away. A number of the rugs, dyed with natural ingredients such as for instance walnut skins, pomegranate and acorn cups, took a decade…

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Antique Persian Rug patterns

Antique Persian Rug patterns

Traditional Rug Patterns and Rug Designs – Antique carpet patterns as well as for that matter, Traditional rugs as a whole, (like individuals) arrive all shapes, sizes, and styles. Gorgeous rugs tend to be woven all over the world, and now have been hand-made by artisans for hundreds of years. As a result of this practical geographical universality and also this tremendous…

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Persian Rugs images

Persian Rugs images

Since 1953, Persian Rug Galleries has been located on principal Street in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire. Our owner, Sy Mahfuz, is acknowledged on the market among its most astute experts; he brings a passion and love for Oriental rugs and Persian rugs to every encounter together with consumers. Sy is an avowed Rug Appraiser, past trustee of the Oriental Rug stores of The united…

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