Name: Feraghan Dimension: 8ft

Name of Persian Rugs

Title of a particular rug may come from many different sources.

The name of a carpet DOESN'T denote high quality or value. You will find wonderful and never therefore wonderful rugs of each solitary type. Although my own favorites are Persian and Afghan rugs, you can find rugs of merit and beauty out of every single county which has had weavers!

Oriental rugs tend to be called into the after means:

  • The name associated with town or town where it had been woven.
  • Title of this town or town in which it absolutely was sold.
  • The name associated with location where the weavers lived where the design was initially created, now being woven someplace else totally.
  • Title associated with tribal team recognized for integrating that particular design into lots of their rugs.
  • The name of the Country it was woven in. Sample: Chino-Chinese, Indo-India, Paki-Pakistan.

The following is a good example to illustrate some of the above points. An Indo (country where it absolutely was woven) Persian (nation where in fact the design originated) Prayer rug (rug type) with a Tree of lifetime design.

The name of the workshop where it was woven and even the name of Master Weaver working a certain workshop or overseeing the weaving of really unique pieces. Example: Haji Jalili (master weaver, NW Iran) Tabriz (town) near to in which these rugs had been created.

Title of producer; creator of Oriental Rug production that directs the weavers to weave specific rugs with innovative new styles. Example: William Morris; Arts and Crafts Movement. William Morris was the president of Arts and Craft motion (Circa 1870-1920) favoring quick designs, great craftsmanship much less ornamentation that was therefore predominant within the Victorian age.

The name of this carpet kind: a good example would be a Gabbeh which could were woven in a number of various villages mostly in Southern Iran. See my article, “something a Gabbeh?”

And lastly! The town the dealer guessed or fantasized it was woven in or at what time frame.

Here’s an example: An “Antique Qum Rug.” The weaving in Qum, Iran, started in the 1930’s or later and a classic rug must certanly be at the very least a century old, which means this is definitely a delusional attribution!

Hopefully these above instances will provide you with a much better comprehension of carpet brands.

Penny Krieger are the owners of haven Oriental Rugs, Inc., located in the san francisco bay area Bay region in Sonoma County. The woman gallery at 137 North principal Street, Sebastopol, CA, focuses primarily on tribal rugs and rugs woven with hand-spun wool and plant based dyes with a very good focus on Persian tribal rugs. 707-823-3355

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