Hamadan Persian Rug

Map showing town of Hamadan

Hamadan Rugs: Village, Hand-Woven Rugs in 3000 Variations

City of Hamadan in Iran

Hamadan rugs tend to be hand-woven, high qualityvillage rugs which are manufactured in and all over city of Hamadan in western Iran. Unlike most other rugs that reference a certain type from 1 province or city, the expression Hamadan really means numerous rugs that are woven across an enormous region. The complete rug weaving area comprises of about 1500 individual and distinct villages near the town of Hamadan. Every one of these villages creates normally 2 different styles of rugs, with a few villages producing a lot more than that. This means that there are about 3, 000 various varieties of Hamadan rugs.wool used for Hamadana rugs What’s especially interesting is that although every one of the rugs manufactured in these areas are known as Hamadan rugs, the materials differ quite a bit because the wool has-been gotten from sheep across so many different areas and the designs in addition differ due to the different influences in each of the areas.

Wool useful for Hamadan Rugs

Featuring its perfect place right on a road junction in the area of ‘Kuh-i-Elwand’ in northwest Iran, Hamadan has long been a significant carpet weaving and rug marketing and advertising center challenging villages and cities in the surrounding area making different varieties and sizes of rugs and runners for export. Your whole region for kilometers and miles around is dotted with many spinning mills, knotting shops, dye works and laundries that specialize in rugs.

Construction Of Hamadan Rugs

The wool utilized in the construction of Hamadan rugs is obtained from sturdy sheep that graze at large altitudes associated with area. This wool is extremely durable in addition to knotting is hearty and robust, each of which lend into the permanent top-notch these rugs. Hamadan rugs are typically solitary wefted and a lot of of those have a cotton basis. Older pieces tend to be tied up on wool warp, that will be contrary to today’s rugs with their cotton fiber warp.

Single weft weaving

single weft weaving in Hamadan rugsOne thing typical in every Hamadan rugs would be that they all have symmetric knots and tend to be thickly woven with densities of approximately 40 to 100 knots per square inches. While all the rugs which come beneath the umbrella title of Hamadan rugs are characterized by exemplary wool and color quality, you will see that there was an enormous difference in the knotting practices which are utilized in the different weaving areas.

Hamadan Rug Patterns

Rugs from each one of the Hamadan village rugs have their extremely distinctive styles that are familiar to your expert attention. The habits range from floral and geometric to total Herati styles.

Many Hamadan rugs have actually a geometric structure. The most common designs that can be seen of all rugs using this area contain the medallion-and-corner design or even the all-over boteh or herati designs. Hexagonal shaped and diamond-shaped medallions are typical. Often the all-over herati designs have a narrow field by means of a large octagon. There are numerous variants each having its own special characteristic functions.

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