Fine Persian Rugs

A lovely Oriental carpet gets the power to captivate the imagination with its intricate patterns and delicate colors. Whenever you come upon an old-fashioned, handmade rug, it is fascinating to appreciate any particular one weaver put each stitch or knot inside complex web over a span of days or months. From there, the rug might have traveled over deserts, flatlands and ocean to a new residence in Europe or The united states.

Wood just isn't a typical resource in the deserts and plains of the center East and components of Asia, and orthodox Islam does not allow performers to depict human or animal numbers. Consequently, artisans with this area of the world worked their craft in strands of wool or silk to make complex geometric or flowery designs and habits. In traditional domiciles, carpets may decorate the floors and walls, while woven or felted bags take the place of shelves and people lay on cushions or mats rather than seats. Textiles are the fabric of life in the Middle East and Asia, and for that reason the skill of weaving has been perfected over many thousands of years. Right now, these regions provide almost all of the world’s good rugs and rugs.

Collectors of good traditional rugs search for early instances with rare designs. Rugs that have survived through the 16th, 17th or 18th centuries in good shape can be quite valuable.

Oriental carpet professionals at Skinner bring a passion for the materials to every appraisal and auction of Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian, Central Asian, and Turkmen rugs, in addition to Chinese and Indian rugs. Learn more about consigning good Oriental rugs to auction.

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