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Buying Persian Rugs

Oriental rugs

Offering, purchasing, deals

Our company is more competitive than dealers, shops, or auctions.

We appraise the replacement and marketplace worth of Oriental rugs.

where you can sell, simple tips to offer traditional rugs

Our gallery shows a handpicked selection of antique and classic Oriental rugs for sale by owners across the world.

Oriental rugs online

See strategies for selling or buying a Persian carpet under our 'advice' pages.

appraise your rug

A price reduction is applicable for rugs in Boston, new york, la, san francisco bay area, Dallas, and Houston.

Classic rugs adorned the humblest dwellings also kings' palaces. The very best pieces tend to be coveted by enthusiasts throughout the world.

Oriental Persian Rug appraisal

Discounted shipping in San Francisco, l . a ., ny, Boston, Dallas, Houston.

Learn the basic principles on history, design, and habits of traditional rugs

Welcome to Serur's Classic Rugs

  • We purchase classic rugs for the private usage.
  • We sell good Oriental rugs by proprietors.
  • Our costs beat dealers, stores, and deals without doubt.

To offer your Oriental Persian carpet

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