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back of a Persian rugThe one concern uppermost into the head of most first-time purchasers is. “How do I tell the difference between a fake and a geniune oriental rug?” At first glance they look similar plus it’s extremely difficult to ascertain artificial v/s authentic with just a cursory look. However, a closer appearance will expose a few tell-tale signs that can help you tell them apart. Keep reading to find out tips on how to stay away from getting smooth-talked into purchasing a fake oriental carpet.

3 Fundamental Demands Genuine Oriental Rugs

Most importantly, a traditional oriental carpet will fulfill these three fundamental demands:

  1. It should be entirely hand-woven
  2. It ought to be made using only normal materials- wool, cotton or silk
  3. It should be built in any one of these parts of asia – Iran, India, Nepal, Asia, Pakistan, Russia, Morocco or Afghanistan.

If anybody of these is not met, it immediately disqualifies the carpet from being categorized as an ‘Oriental rug’. Deciding on purchasing a rug labeled ‘machine-made oriental rug’? Such tags can frequently be misleading. In this instance, just by virtue of it becoming machine-made, it lacks the important needs and is maybe not a traditional oriental rug. You can easily read about how-to tell the difference between hand knotted and bulk manufactured rugs inside our characteristics of Oriental rugs post

A Closer Consider The Building

Just take a better look at the construction associated with the carpet. Take a look at the design in addition to weave, both at the front along with the back. An authentic rug will almost always have imperfections because it is hand-made using wooden looms.

Straight back of the rug:You must be able to see a horizontal row of weft threads. Typically these horizontal rows aren't in perfectly straight outlines. They may look slightly askew, which will be what you want. Take a good look at the colored knots too. In a geniune carpet, the knots is unevenly coloured and they'll be thicker in some areas. Perfectly straight outlines plus colorations tend to be signs and symptoms of a machine made rug.

Front side of the carpet: go through the design in front of carpet carefully. In an authentic rug it is extremely rare your design would be the exact same shape, size or color throughout the carpet. You will notice a few variations, some obvious many very nearly imperceptible but you will see there. Colour differences are a direct result the wool becoming colored in numerous lots while the shape and size variations occur as a result of becoming hand-made over a long period of time.

Browse The Fringe

In a traditional rug, the Oriental carpet perimeter is simply simply the unwoven wool that is cut longer than the basic carpet. In the event that perimeter has been sewn on following the rug is completed, the carpet is most probably an imitation.

Check The Foundation & Pile

In genuine handmade rugs, the building blocks and pile can also be manufactured from an all-natural product, which may be wool, cotton or silk whereas machine-made rugs generally make use of a form of polyester or plastic stack therefore the straight back will have a kind of mesh within the design.

The main thing to bear in mind when searching for genuine oriental rugs is that you will hardly ever get a hold of two rugs which are just like one another. Variations are often present and so they really add value to your carpet.

About Rose Shadkam

Rose is a co-owner of Catalina Rug Inc. and has over 17 years of expertise in the rug business. She loves assisting clients with choosing the perfect carpet due to their residence and sharing her understanding of Oriental rugs inside our weblog and Our Rug Encyclopedia.

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