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how to hold oriental rugThere's your wall.




It appears to be just a little lonely, doesn't it?

If your wanting to Hang your Rug...

  • Decide whether you desire your carpet to hang easily or flush to your wall surface, as this will effect which method you employ!
  • Usually do not pick a wall surface that is in sunlight, since this publicity will harm the vegetable dies within carpet eventually
  • Don't use raw lumber or un-coated metals (like nails) to hang your carpet. In the long run, this can also harm your rug.
  • We advice which you however every month or two utilizing vacuum pressure accessory. It could still get dusty from the wall!
  • Stay away from sticky glues!

1. Velcro

There appears to be a consensus among professionals your velcro method may be the best solution to hang and protect any oriental carpet.

To do the velcro method, you need to hand-stitch velcro on straight back of rug.

hang carpet on wall surface; wool carpet; overdyed rug; hang rugwe advice a 2-inch dense strip for larger and thicker rugs It may sound scary to sew into your rug, but the stitching will likely be easily removable should you ever put the rug straight back on to the floor.

We recommend you don't usage sticky-back velcro, because are going to be hard to remove, and will likely leave a sticky residue from the straight back of your rug.

Not only is this strategy safe, it makes on a clean and professional appearance, while the carpet should be very easy to move.


Products Required:

  • 2-inch broad velcro, by the garden
  • Unbleached muslin fabric
  • Carpet thread + Needle Scissors
  • 2.5-inch wide piece of flat timber
  • Essential firearm Drill, screws, stud-finder (optional)

1.Buy a couple of yards of 2-inch large Velcro at a fabric or crafts shop, or on the web.

2. Also purchase some unbleached muslin. It’s this that you will be attaching directly to your carpet for security!

3. Gauge the width of the rug and slice the Velcro and muslin consequently.

4. Sew the "fuzzy" region of the Velcro towards muslin strip, and sew the muslin strip straight to the rear of your carpet with a whip stitch, ideally using a carpeting thread that suits a shade inside carpet.

5. Cut some flat, treated lumber becoming the width of the carpet. The lumber should determine [width of one's rug] x 2.5 inches.

6. Make use of a basic weapon to add the "hooked" part of one's Velcro towards the little bit of timber. Staple about every six ins or less assure a stronger hold.

7. Mount the lumber on the wall utilizing an exercise and screws,

8. and press your rug towards the Velcro! Estimated price: $25 + drill and screws

Estimated Time: 2+ hours

2. Casing

The second recommended way of heavyweight rugs will be sew a casing on back of carpet. The casing is a tube of material that may snugly hold a rod, as well as the rod will control from the wall surface.

Even though, such as the Velcro technique, this method requires a little bit of extra work, it's a very clean and safe solution to hang any rug, EVEN HEAVY YOUR!

hang an oriental rug; velcro; hang carpet; hang rug with velcro prepare to hang rug stitching hang rug; casing; without harm; easy

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