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Oriental Rugs patterns names

What's the difference between Persian and Oriental Rugs? Is the one a lot better than another?
Persian rugs tend to be any hand-made in Iran (Persia). Rugs which are handmade far away in or near India, Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Egypt, are thought Oriental Rugs. Persia when made the greatest rugs, today every country tends to make all characteristics of rugs. That’s the reason why it is essential to purchase from a professional dealership such as for instance Kaoud Oriental Rugs. The Kaoud family has been around the Oriental rug company for over three years and 55 years.

I want rugs throughout my home, how do you choose the best rug & should they match?
The main considerations tend to be color, design and dimensions. Kaoud Oriental Rugs could be the only dealer in which, it is possible to appear in and select rugs for a fifteen room house in less than an hour. Our experienced staff will make suggestions through choice procedure guaranteeing you the correct carpet for your space. If you value a rug so we understand it is really not going to look good we’ll be truthful and take care to explain to you better options, although these choices are cheaper. It is more important to united states that we sell you the correct rug, as compared to higher priced carpet.

Does the name or structure of this carpet have value? Could it be a sign of quality?
Most Oriental carpet habits get their name through the town or spot in which the pattern originated such as for example; Kashan, Hamadan, Tabriz, Heriz and Meshad – regarding nomadic products – their particular weaving tribes. These are pattern names just and not a sign of high quality.

What determines the grade of an Oriental rug?

  • Top-notch wool – The greater amount of natural lanolin there is certainly in-the-wool the longer it will probably last. It is a key point within the appearance, wear and value of a rug. This is why Kaoud Oriental Rugs demands just the finest brand new Zealand wool be properly used within their rugs.
  • Density of heap – drive your finger into the heap associated with the carpet. The denser the nap, the more wool was used plus the stronger the weave – this rug may well be more durable.
  • Colorfast Dyes – the higher quality rugs today are available with steadfast chromium dyes. These dyes resist diminishing and enable for much better cleaning unlike non-colorfast dyes.

All factors Kaoud Oriental Rugs is able to put a very long time trade-in guarantee on the straight back of each and every hand-knotted rug they offer.

May I pay for a carpet?
Besides high quality, cost is usually based on access, products, age and shape. Kaoud Oriental Rugs could be the largest direct importer of Fine Oriental and Persian Rugs in New The united kingdomt. Controlling the materials used in the rug making process and eliminating the middleman gives Kaoud Oriental Rugs the ability to guarantee the highest high quality on cheapest costs, driving these cost savings onto you, with rugs in a variety of prices to support all customers.

We can’t buy an Oriental carpet today because We have kids and pets.
Young ones and pets should never stop you from purchasing better quality rugs. Better quality rugs tend to be more durable and clean easier. Large traffic areas demand rugs of high-quality. The old adage of “You have what you pay for” had been never ever truer compared to this situation. A smaller high quality carpet won't withstand the deterioration that kiddies and pets create, costing you more to replace continuously eventually.

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