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Machine made Oriental Rugs

Carpet RepairsMaster craftspeople reweave holes, renap used areas; restore moth damage; repair seams; lower a rug's size; rewrap and restoration a carpet's edges; reweave fringes or add synthetic fringes; unravel and overcast worn fringes and patch holes.

Our master craftspeople can perform nearly every particular fix on both classic and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs eg Karastans and Couristan and broadloom carpet.

Oriental Rug Fixes

We could expertly reweave holes, renap worn areas, restore moth harm, repair seams, reduce a rug's size, rewrap the binding privately, reweave worn or lacking fringes, sew on synthetic fringes, unravel and overcast used fringes and patch holes.

Machine-Made Oriental & Handmade Rugs

We could do many fixes by machine, which is cheaper then hand work. On these types of rugs we could sew fringes on by machine, machine serge, or bind the edges.

Custom-made rugs are bulk manufactured carpets which can be fabricated manually into area rugs. Often a border is included by hand sewing additionally the sides are mitered collectively. We can repair and alter these rugs as required. We can additionally sew on fabric and leather edges also device binding and serging the edges as well as ends of this rug to offer a beautifully finished rug.

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