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At Heaven’s Best we are proud (and privileged) to be trusted with care of many of the most basic rugs to some of the finest from around the world. Your oriental and area rugs are not just family/business treasures. Your oriental and area rugs are also very valuable investments that have been in the family for generations. We completely understand that and we make every effort to clean them with so much care and attention to detail as possible.

You can drop off your area rug or we will pick-up and bring your rugs back to our In-Plant cleaning facility where your rugs will go through our thorough professional cleaning process to expertly clean and thoroughly removal all soil and spots. We will deliver your area rugs back to your home (of business) once they are properly dried.

Fine quality area rugs require in-plant rug washing. But did you know that the term in-plant rug washing can mean many different things? There are totally mechanized rug wash plants where your rug goes through a giant machine that looks like a printing press. In one end, over rollers, past a spray bar, through some brushes, over some more rollers and out the other end. It takes just a few minutes and is similar to a car wash both in method and results. Then there are plenty of rug cleaners that advertise in-plant cleaning, but really do little more than a standard “steam” cleaning. The best of these operations will take the time to clean both sides of the rug, and shampoo them thoroughly, before extracting the dirt. Many of these places do a good job, but there is nothing about the process that insures that the soil and detergents are fully removed from the rug.

Heaven's Best Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Stafford VA | Area Rug Washing Stafford VAProfessional Oriental Rug Cleaning Stafford VA | Area Rug Washing Stafford VA

We believe the best choice for rug washing is full immersion* cleaning. While this method can only be performed on hand knotted and machine woven rugs, it is without a doubt the most thorough cleaning process available and the method Heaven’s Best uses when hand knotted, hand woven, and machine woven rugs.Heaven’s Best specializes in cleaning Persian, Oriental, Chinese, and other fine rugs. We will baby your rugs in our fully equipped facilities. Typically rugs can be picked up and returned in approximately 14 days.

The Heaven’s Best team of skilled (IICRC certified) professionals are committed to delivering the highest level of service, and the best quality cleaning available. IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) sets the world-wide standard for carpet cleaning and certification. Jim and his team are re-certified yearly.

* Immersion cleaning is appropriate for hand knotted and woven rugs only. Tufted rugs and manufactured carpet cannot be fully immersed without damaging the glues used to hold them together and are instead cleaned with appropriate methods.

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