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Make your own carpet Shampoo

handmade Carpet CleanerFace it: spills happen.

Between kids, animals, and everything between, our carpets simply take a beating. If you are anything like me, then chances are you hate those commercial carpet cleaners that leave your house stinking for hours after a spill is washed up. Plus, several cleansers can damage or discolor couches, rugs, or curtains.

But for spills and spots we realize that a far more direct cleaner is essential. That’s why I had to create an improved do-it-yourself carpet cleaner spray that will run hard messes and dirty rugs.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Everything you will require with this meal often will be located within kitchen. It’s very cheap to produce, but does indeed the key!

White vinegar – White vinegar is known to pull hard spots, specially those from pets. It's some good deodorizing properties and certainly will handle any difficult stain. Water is necessary to dilute the vinegar as it can be quite powerful. Vinegar is safe to utilize on most fabrics and it is efficient against many spots. If you should be thinking about mastering even more, check-out this post on White Vinegar for cleansing and a whole lot.

Salt – The salt in this meal is used to bind up stains. If you have a truly hard stain, like red wine or cranberry juice, you can easily pour some salt above the stain initially to absorb the fluid. Let it dried out for 10-15 mins (or until it appears that the sodium has consumed all the fluid) and cleaner. After that utilize the carpet cleanser squirt.

Lavender acrylic – Lavender EO gives this spray much more deodorizing properties helping deal with germs and viruses hiding inside carpets. Its probably one of the most flexible important essential oils and it is safe to use around children and animals. Discover some other deodorizing essential essential oils here.

Organizing Spots

For fresh liquid stains keep in mind that it's always best to constantly blot up excess fluid first. This stops the stain from setting. Bear in mind to never wipe fluid spots. As soon as I’m certain I’ve blotted up the maximum amount of liquid as I can, i'll make use of the DIY Carpet Cleaner Spray.

For solid stains, i usually grab whenever possible before utilising the DIY Carpet Cleaner Spray.


  1. Combine vinegar and liquid in a large squirt container.
  2. Add salt and lavender acrylic.
  3. Cap and shake.
  4. Spray on rugs liberally, shaking container usually between sprays.
  5. Allow rugs to dried out.
  6. Vacuum treated areas.

Note: For harder spots, spray blend directly on stain. Let dried out and vacuum cleaner. Repeat if necessary.

That’s it! I’ve used this recipe on anything from infant food to tresses balls (attractive, i am aware!). It constantly seems to keep my carpets in like-new problem. My personal favorite component – making this cleaner is a lot cheaper than purchasing one.

Notes on Crucial Natural Oils

If you are perhaps not a fan of lavender, I’ve included a list of substitute acrylic combinations. You'll find them about this recipe: All-natural DIY Carpet Deodorizer Recipe.

Please note that some essential oils tend to be may have shade tints (especially sweet-orange gas), so ensure you choose a definite gas relating to your carpeting squirt so color isn't transferred to rugs.


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