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How to make my own Rug?

2013-10-17 - considered ball carpet WEBLOG - copyright laws Catherine Wilson for catherine & grace23making a round felt basketball rug

{the supplies}

+ Fishing line {available from almost every hardware store and many supermarkets}

+ Scissors

+ a fairly razor-sharp needle with an eye large enough to thread the fishing line through {I used an upholstery needle from Spotlight}

+ 2cm felt balls of your selected color {I always order mine through Felt & Yarn, straight from Nepal – to make a rug approx 73cm {28 inches} in diameter I used approx 1000 2cm felt balls}

+ Thimble & plastic patch to assist pull the needle through felt balls {optional} {again from Spotlight}{the method}

Felt ball rug image 11Note: This DIY is a little bit hard to describe, therefore bare with me – ideally the images enable. A number of the photos were annotated to simply help give an explanation for method. White arrows and lines show in which one step should really be performed and green arrows are simply just pointing to a product that will help you identify it and comprehend the method.

1. Prepare an amount of fishing line. Simply take about 100cm of fishing range and connect multiple knots over one another at one end, to generate a big adequate knot so your fishing range cannot slide through felt ball. Slice the surplus fishing line after the knot so you have a neat end towards the fishing range.

2. Create a string of sensed balls. Thread the felt balls on the fishing range, one after another. The thimble and rubberized plot can help right here to safeguard your fingers as possible fairly tough to pull the needle through all the felt balls.Felt basketball rug image 12 If you choose to make use of experienced balls in numerous colours you can often just pick a colour at random or elect to hold a certain order. We put the felt balls in bags sorted by color and choose them in a certain purchase.

3. Protected the sequence of thought balls. After you have strung 10-15 thought balls together, thread the fishing range straight back through last 2 felt balls regarding string and then get back the fishing line through those exact same 2 believed balls {the aqua and pale blue balls in the photo below} so that some spare fishing line is sticking out from the end felt ball {this fishing line will be used in step 5}.The image below programs initial sequence of sensed balls with extra fishing line sticking out associated with the end believed ball {the pale blue felt ball in this case}.4. Create the centre of the round felt ball rug. Take the first string of felt balls and wind it around on itself to create a small round shape, which will be the centre of the felt ball rug. Prepare another piece of fishing line {as per step 1} and thread the fishing range to and fro in one region of the round to the other so that the fishing range undergoes all the felt balls at least once to secure it firmly {see photos below}.Try to keep the fishing range inconspicuous, however don’t be concerned too much while the advantageous asset of using obvious fishing range is, not only is it strong, it's not also obvious when the carpet is completed.

Tie a knot after the fishing line and stop the remainder of the fishing line and that means you have a neat round of felt balls, held tightly together.5. Increase the center round generate your felt ball carpet. Make the spare fishing range this is certainly protruding from the end felt basketball {the pale blue felt ball in the photo below} and thread the felt balls onto this length of fishing line, creating another string Unlike the very first string of felt balls created in step 2, this string of felt balls, and all future strings of felt balls, will have their first felt ball already attached to the main round of the rug. The photo below shows a string of felt balls I have created later in the process. Each time you create a string of felt balls, add felt balls until the fishing line has about 10 cm remaining.{6} Safe the string of experienced balls. Thread the fishing range straight back through the last 2 thought balls regarding the sequence {the grey and light blue balls in the photo below} and thread back and forth through a couple of felt balls to secure the string of felt balls. Cut end of fishing line so that it is neat.{7} Ready a length of fishing line & connect the sequence into round of the carpet. Prepare another duration of fishing line in accordance with 1. The fishing line is more than the size of the string that needs to be attached.

Thread the fishing line through the last felt ball attached to the main round associated with the carpet {the grey felt ball in the picture below}.Secure the brand new string of sensed balls into the growing round of felt balls by threading the fishing line through the line of felt balls on the outside associated with the round and back through the brand new sequence of felt balls.Provided you cut your fishing range longer than the sequence of sensed balls you had to add, you'll have some fishing line protruding associated with the “last” felt baseball that was secured towards round.

2013-10-15 - Felt ball carpet WEBLOG - copyright laws Catherine Wilson for catherine & grace09 2013-10-14 - Felt basketball rug BLOG - copyright Catherine Wilson for catherine & grace08 Felt ball carpet annotated picture 1 2013-10-08 - Felt baseball rug BLOG - copyright Catherine Wilson for catherine & grace01

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