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I many emphatically recommend kingdom These days if you are even considering floor coverings changes or improvements to your residence. We recognize that a lot of us like to support our "local" suppliers once we purchase something, however if you are considering your floor coverings as an investment in your house, then it must certanly be approached as a small business choice, and factors such as for instance cost, item high quality, quality installation, and customer service are exactly what guides my decision; and Empire Today could outshine your "local" supplier in most location.

We began with merely wanting to eradicate our off-white flooring that has been literally a shame, due to it becoming so hard to keep clean. We initially looked over one of the "Big container" home improvement stores, thinking we might stretch your budget if we did it ourselves. Really, the "Big package" store ended up being too busy to even contact us back again to set-up a scheduled appointment, in addition to the cost they quoted, $2000, needed united states doing all the pre-prep and tear out all old carpet and linoleum, that has been 16 yrs . old. My wife and I tend to be both hectic experts, and didn't have 2 months to invest our vacations tearing the house up, plus finding out a way to carry everything away. Today, the "Big package" product ended up being a pre-laminate hardwood that had sticky stuff and foam on the base.

Why don't we have a look now at Empire. Product sales: The Product sales agent who stumbled on our home, David **, on every single day and time that was convenient for people, had been exceptionally friendly and took nevertheless very long we needed seriously to see a number of hardwoods both in high quality and cost. Many thanks once more David! Rates: you simply will not discover a far better package on product and installation than you get from Empire. Believe me, we looked around. Also, they provide great financing plans and we'll have our flooring purchased at precisely what they cost in about 10 thirty days without any interest!

Installation: their teams are really expert and efficient. They attained our residence at 11am together with completed our living room, dining area, and kitchen by 6pm! All the old things gone and all the furnishings and devices back in location and the brand new floors washed. The installers also went in terms of to recommend alterations that would make our finished product more desirable and better installed, and performed all of them at no extra cost. We in addition had some highly complicated cuts that would have to be performed in some places, however for this group, it was no problem. The finished product is perfect.

Customer care: again, Empire Today is exceptional. Whenever I would phone all of them, they might already have my account pulled through to their particular display, and were acutely professional, friendly, and helpful at all times. Kingdom Today desires your organization, and they will do everything feasible to have it within reason. You would like the bottomline don't you? Here is the important thing: We have a floor in my home which should've cost about $10, 000 at under $4, 000! And it was all carried out in 7 hours, the financing was exactly as guaranteed, and my wife and I could not be more ecstatic and satisfied.

Would i suggest Empire Today to a friend? I would suggest kingdom right now to anyone thinking about brand new flooring within their house! For an investment of under $4, 000, i've increased the worth of my home by 15-20K! And, we got rid of the embarrassing rugs we literally covered with rugs, therefore the disgusting old linoleum that required scrubbing in your arms and legs any two weeks. Thank-you Empire Today, when it comes to exceptional service, high quality product, installation, and cost. My family and I cannot have made our imagine hardwood flooring in our home-come true without you. Before you purchase or hire others, contact Empire Today! Unless you you can expect to regret it because you can pay way too much, get a less quality product that will get home in shambles for that knows the length of time.

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