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Installing Carpeting

Landry & Arcari expert carpeting installation team.Boston, MA: 617.399.6500

Salem, MA: 978.744.5909

Framingham, MA: 508.739.0200

Complimentary parking whatsoever showrooms

Meet with the Landry & Arcari Installation Team

Left to correct (back line) Ken Mullin, Dan Rantz (deliveries), Luke Richards (deliveries), Dan Grant, Aaron Hughes, Steve Krupinski, Jeff Gordon, Juan Bueno (warehouse & fabrication) front side line Peter Cisco (warehouse), Jay Arcari, Jim Lawrence (receiving), Mike Anderson (fabrication), Jerry Arcari (President and founder)

Carpet Installaton for Works Big and Small

Whether you're carpeting a major civic center, your yacht, or your room or living room you may trust Landry & Arcari to undertake the right installation.

Staircase carpeting within Wang CenterWang Center, Boston
Carpeting set up by Landry & Arcari

145-foot Yacht, Boston Harbor
Carpeting put in by Landry & Arcari

Bedroom, a city, MA
Carpeting put in by Landry & Arcari

Expert Installers

Right expert carpet set up is vital into the overall performance and life of your carpeting. At Landry & Arcari we guarantee every single installation. Your pleasure is considered the most import thing. Our installers are factory trained and work limited to united states. These are generally long-standing staff members and also have several years of knowledge working together with the finest of carpeting products, matching habits on curved stairways, and installing unusually shaped areas. Installing hand-woven oriental carpets takes severe precision.

Wall-to-wall flooring on a boat and their particular technical abilities, our installers understand the significance of "people abilities". Our installers do their particular maximum to minimize disturbance and also to make their customer comfortable. We quote Ken Mullin, an installer with more than 26 many years at Landry & Arcari.

First thing i actually do when I enter a client’s residence is assure all of them that they are in great hands. I’m polite, respectful and expert. I enjoy teach all of them on in which seams tend to be laying and just how patterns are being focused and matched. Lastly i guarantee their installation for the rest of my life.

Jay Arcari, Broadloom Manager, installing staircase flooring

Ken Mullen installing flooring on a yacht's spiral staircase.

Wall-to-wall carpeting with an inset

Installation of Every Type of Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpet installation is a skill and a research. The installer have to know how to construct the carpeting so the seams match and must understand the properties of each and every types of weave and backing. Each set up job possesses its own set of challenges. Our contractors are skilled in the entire array of flooring: slice stack, looped, woven vinyl, commercial flooring, wool, sisal, sea-grass, patterned Wilton, and Axminster.

Jeff Gordon preparing to continue an installation

Examples of good wool broadloom carpeting

Ken Mullen hand-sewing a border on broadloom flooring

Our Workshop

At Landry & Arcari we've our personal fabrication workshop where our installers prepare carpeting for complex installations and create rugs from broadloom carpeting.

We are able to produce a bordered rug of every size by affixing borders within cautious fashion to cut-to-size broadloom. You might choose a border from many material, cotton fiber, linen, fine tapestry fabric, leather, and suede. Our contractors utilize both glue and hand-sewing assure a long-lasting bond.

A wall-to-wall carpet in a bedroom Installer expertly setting up a staircase carpet. Installing flooring on a yacht's spiral staircase Wall-to-wall carpeting with an inset.

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