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Installing carpet over carpet

It really is easy to understand the reason why a home owner might choose to install carpet over carpeting. Motivations are:

  • Saves regarding cost of pulling up-and losing the old carpet.
  • Provides one extra level of insulation for cold floors.
  • Setting up a pad is certainly not necessary-the present carpet acts as cushioning.
  • Makes it much simpler to dispose of the old carpet. As opposed to cutting into small pieces and including it with your home garbage, the old carpet is successfully "disposed of" using your new carpet.

5 factors n't need to place Carpet on Carpet

Carpeting industry professionals reveal that putting carpet over carpeting is inadvisable for all explanations.

  1. Tack Strips: By leaving a level of carpeting, you create it that more difficult to nail along the tack pieces (those lengthy, wood strips round the border with upward-pointing surges). Fingernails on tack strips run-about 3/4" long-far too-short to penetrate carpeting plus pad (if carpeting has pad) and into the sub-floor.

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  1. Inadequate Base: Carpeting needs a satisfactory base for installation. Carpet installed with an improper base will wear-out quickly. There are many aspects for this, but think about simply this 1: traffic habits used into the current carpeting will likely to be transmitted into new carpet.
  2. Harbors Dirt, Mold: Studies show that mildew and mold in carpeting is exacerbated by the existence of dust. Dirt and dampness, with a high conditions included, equal mildew and mold. It's virtually impractical to clean a vintage carpet adequate to eliminate all of the dirt. However in the event that you get the path of professional carpet-cleaning, you're already spending-money which could have-been spent on the removal of the carpet to begin with.
  3. Extra flooring levels: by the addition of an additional level on your floor, effortlessly "lowering your roof." If this is a basement or any other height-challenged space, every inches counts. Don't forget that including level to your carpet means that doorways will scrape and cut must be repositioned.
  4. Sub-Floor high quality Check: Ripping up carpet enables you to gauge the status of one's sub-floor. This can provide you with an opportunity for restoring damaged sub-floor. Take into account that if a previous owner features installed low-quality carpeting, this could signal issues underneath-particularly problems that tend to be difficult to deal with, such rot or mildew.

Carpet on Carpet (or otherwise not) Tips

Some residents, for their own conditions, may just wish to put in carpeting on carpeting. We offer strategies for home owners you might think that is the better route for all of them:

Get Minimal

Acutely low-pile carpeting could be the only type that will work. The low, the greater.

Ensure That It Stays Temporary

At best, carpet-on-carpet is a temporary solution. Therefore, if you're house-flipping or intending to stay-in your property for a short while, this option may work.

Failed Glue?

Have you even attempted removing that glued-down carpeting? Despite the fact that glue-down may be notoriously difficult to eliminate, some old carpeting adhesives have actually essentially unsuccessful over time and broken up. Test a large part of this carpeting to see exactly how difficult it really is to pull-up. You might get happy. One specialist on an Internet discussion board has actually suggested using dry ice to solidify the glue, making treatment much easier. We cannot attest to this technique, but want to hear right back from any readers if this meets with success (or otherwise not)!

Carpet Recycle Alternatives

Better Scraping Electrically

Once you do need to laboriously scrape up glued-down carpeting, never do so manually; its too much. Alternatively, hire the services of a power scraper, just like the multi-tool based in the Ridgid 12v Lithium-Ion Drill/Jobmax Combo.

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