Carpet flooring over concrete

Installing carpet on concrete floor

A finished cellar is not done until carpeting has-been set; however, whenever laying carpeting, the cellar area provides challenging. A basement flooring is typically solid concrete with no place to drive carpeting fingernails. This project can keep many question in your head as to how you certainly will secure the carpeting into the floor. Follow the 5 actions below to put carpeting on a basement flooring.

Step one - Measuring and Cutting the Carpet

Measure each space in which carpet will be laid. Include 4 additional inches to the width and size dimensions of every space. Determine prior to ordering your carpeting whether you would like it cut-in specific pieces for every room or you want the carpet delivered successfully which you will reduce into specific pieces.

Step 2 - select and Repair Leaks

When you have leakages in your basement walls, floors, or ceilings, repair them before laying your carpeting. Dampness from flooring leaks will seep using your carpet. You'll be incapable of discover or stop the leakages without tearing within the carpeting. The result would be moldy, smelly carpet.

Step 3 - Inspect for Uneven Floor Surfaces

Examine the tangible area over which you will lay your carpeting. If you find bumps, dirt, or ridges, amount them. If remaining unchanged, these lumps will eventually cause irregular use inside carpeting, despite a thick pad beneath it.

Utilize a cold chisel to cut back small concrete lumps, edges, or ridges. Usually do not keep razor-sharp sides into the cement. Sweep and remove any debris, utilizing the chisel to loosen compacted soil or dirt.

Step - Apply Carpet Glue

Using your glue trowel, apply your carpeting glue. Spread it into a thin level in lover habits. Apply the glue in a remote place associated with the room and work your way to the entrance, making a slim road that will enable you to carry carpet to your far end associated with the area without walking into the glue you have spread.

Step 5 - Lay-out Your Carpeting

Bring your carpeting roll into the space and begin rolling it out, leaving a supplementary 4-inches of carpet at each and every edge. As you roll-out the carpet and move toward the exit, spread glue on the area you left without glue.

Step 6 - Stretch, Cut, and Trim the Carpet

Together with your leg kicker, extend the carpeting toward each wall surface. Utilize the carpet knife to cut a slit within the carpet at each and every corner regarding the room. The slit should be through the top side of the carpet to 1-inch above the flooring.

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