How to install pergo

How to install wall to wall carpet?

tackless strips
utility blade
carpet blade
chalk line
tape measure
staple gun
knee kicker
power stretcher

1. Neat and prep a floor. Reduce lengths of tackless strip to suit each wall across the perimeter for the room. Protected them with the pre-driven nails in to the subfloor, maintaining the get out through the wall surface about 2/3 the thickness of the carpet. Make sure the tackless strips join collectively at corners in addition to pointed pins in each strip are facing the wall.

Note: if you should be replacing carpet, pry within the old carpeting through the tackless strip. The padding and tackless strips is used again if they are still who is fit.

2. Assess the area to slice the cushioning. Make sure to measure through the longest points of this room, but measure from inside the tackless strip advantage. Slice the cushioning to match using a straightedge and utility blade. Lay out the padding waffle part facing up, and staple it along its edge every 6". The padding shouldn't overlap; it must be butted facing one another to form on a clean seam. Make use of a utility blade to cut the surplus cushioning that could be since the tackless strips, and protect each butted seam with duct tape.

3. Measure between wall space across the largest parts of the room. Transfer the dimensions toward carpeting, incorporating 4-6" in all directions. Cut the carpet regarding straight back edge with a carpet knife and a straightedge. A chalk range is a good idea for transferring longer dimensions.

4. Position the slice carpet into the area, installing the factory cut side from the first wall surface, followed by others edges. Make use of a carpet blade to cut around any strange corners of protruding walls.

5. Use a knee kicker to make the sides of the carpet on the tackless strip. Hook the carpeting into the tackless strip starting in one of the sides. Dig the teeth of the leg kicker into the carpet about 1" through the wall surface. Swiftly kick the cushioned end associated with the leg kicker together with your knee to hook the carpeting to your tackless strip.

6. Use an electric stretcher to solidly stretch and secure the carpet on the tackless strip on each region of the space. As soon as one spot is hooked using leg kicker, utilize the power stretcher to stretch the carpet towards contrary wall surface. Place the root of the energy stretcher at wall surface that was only addicted utilizing the leg kicker.

Suggestion: make use of an item of scrap carpet or a cushioned 2x4 if required to pad the wall surface.

7. Dig the teeth for the energy stretcher to the carpet about 6" from the other wall. Press along the lever and secure it into spot, stretching the carpet and attaching it to the tackless pieces. Use the power stretcher to connect others corner opposite associated with very first place hooked, after the same procedure. Resume with both the knee kicker additionally the energy stretcher around the entire room until the carpet is tight and safe.

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