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How to install Pre Padded carpet?

Foam backed carpeting is a great material for amateur floor installer to start with. Its cheaper than standard woven rugs, and it also lends it self to disguising minor inaccuracies in cutting and fitting procedure a great deal more than a smooth addressing, such as plastic or linoleum.

Remove all furniture from space that's becoming carpeted. Remove all traces for the current floor covering, and cleaner the base floor carefully to make sure that you're laying this new carpet on a clean area.

Put down a basic underlay made up of pieces of fabric or report so the carpet doesn't adhere to the floor. Tape joins collectively, and basic the underlay into place at sides associated with the room.

Spot double-edged adhesive tape all over space's border near the baseboards.

Unroll the newest little bit of foam supported carpet. Place it to make certain that its sides run-up each wall, and about cut the carpeting so that there's too much more or less 2 ins on every side.

Pull the carpeting out of the longest wall surface before the edge is simply pressing, and degree it with all the base of baseboard. Take away the backing paper from double edged adhesive tape, after that hit the carpet into position over it.

Cross the area into facing wall and make certain that the carpet is lying flat without any lumps or ridges. Trim this side so that it, too, is simply holding the base of the baseboard. Try this by attracting your carpeting cutting knife over the perspective involving the baseboard and the floor. Take the backing strip off the adhesive tape, after that position the carpet along with it.

Lay the carpeting along various other walls in the same manner. Make cuts in carpet at sides so you can push the carpeting upon into adhesive tape

Place adhesive seaming tape on the ground across the whole duration of any joins you need to make. Operate a wallpaper seam roller over the join to push the carpet into place.

Move furniture back to the room as soon as the work is total.

Issues Will Need

  • Sheets of paper/cloth for underlay
  • Adhesive tape
  • Staple firearm
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Foam backed carpeting
  • Carpet blade
  • Adhesive seaming tape
  • Wallpaper seam roller


  • To put carpeting in internal corners, press the carpeting to the place and mark the corner point together with your little finger. Make slices together with your blade to remove the triangle of carpeting through the inner direction.


  • Take great attention whenever using a carpeting cutting knife. They're very sharp.
  • Make sure that you never over cut the carpeting at edges.

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