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Can I install carpet myself?

We bought a property with a few flaws, and one of them had been this shag carpet filled with old pet stains. Before we are able to install our desired hardwood floor coverings, we had to eliminate the dirt magnet. After asking around, the cost for expert carpeting removal is mostly about $0.35 per sq ft. For 1, 500 sf of carpeting we'd, that’s a potential cost of over $500. Equipped with the ability which help of your father-in-law, we established to get it done ourselves.

You can find a plenty of web tutorials on the best way to pull your old carpet (, two, ), but in basic it’s pretty direct:

  1. Remove all furnishings.
  2. Pull up carpeting, slashed into pieces, retract, pull.
  3. Repeat number 2 with the carpet pad underneath.
  4. Pry up tackstrips, and a lot of nails
  5. Clean glue away from subfloor.
  6. Sweep up remaining crap.

Within house, the pad beneath the carpeting ended up being glued down to the concrete subfloor. The first contractors were generous (or perhaps sluggish) aided by the glue and squirted it everywhere, therefore scraping the petrified material up took permanently. Truly the only brand-new tool we purchased ended up being an unique scraper knife, for around $10. Or else you just need a software application blade, some rope/tape, pliers, and a crowbar.

Ended up being it well worth saving $500? My aching right back claims no, but at the very least now I know how-to eliminate carpet. In addition, sometimes it’s nice to execute some handbook labor and feel just like you accomplished something concrete. Periodically.

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