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Homemade carpet Shampoo for machine

handmade Carpet CleanerI have been desiring one of these brilliant for some time and Ryan got one for me personally for xmas! Yay!! Among the “Christmas gift suggestions” we usually request each year will be have our carpets washed for holiday breaks because with 3 young ones running around the home they get dirty pretty quickly and end up getting lots of spots in a year’s time. But having your carpets expertly washed only gets so high priced and since you will get your personal cleaning device at not even half the buying price of an expert cleaning we made a decision to do this this year as an alternative. The one and only thing I happened to be worried about ended up being the carpeting solution for my brand new device as it’s full of chemical substances that I’d favor to not have within my home. Thus I did just a little analysis on organic/natural carpet cleaners through the store/Amazon and are really high priced. Surely regarding our budget range. I did so more research and put collectively a good homemade recipe for carpet cleaner/shampoo that really works wonders on our carpets. It’s quite simple to make and smells great! The measurements below should fit the but I’ve heard from readers with used the same proportions in larger cleansers therefore worked great also.


  • 1½ quarts of hot (NOT boiling) liquid
  • ¼ cup 3percent Hydrogen Peroxide (it’s the standard hydrogen peroxide that you can get at any shop)
  • 1½ Tablespoons of White Vinegar
  • 1½ Tablespoons of Dish Soap (we make use of Seventh Generation and it works great)
  • (Optional) If you’re having problems with the answer making too many suds, then you can certainly add an extremely bit (1 Tbsp or so) of textile softener


  • Blend all components together (make sure you add the dish detergent into the liquid and never water towards the dish soap – you’ll realise why when you do it the wrong method only once)
  • Pour to your rug cleaning machine.
  • Clean like directions tell you to.

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