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how-to Tell if a Persian Rug is genuinePersian rugs tend to be beautiful improvements to a home plus some record history within their habits, such important battles and love tales. Various other designs feature spiritual symbols, including the prayer arch and tree of life. Consumers find many items produced every year, with classic and antique Persian rugs. To share with if a Persian rug is authentic, customers should receive a synopsis of this rugs, understand their dimensions and defects, and access a certificate.

Genuine Persian Rug Overviewa

Whenever consumers desire genuine Persian rugs, they are generally looking for hand-knotted things produced in Iran. Shoppers might also see these items labeled as Oriental rugs. The brands directed at rugs typically say the region that they come, therefore a Tabriz rug is from of this earliest weaving locations in Iran.

Authentic Persian Rug Materials

Genuine Persian rugs usually feature natural materials, eg silk, wool, cotton fiber, jute, and animal tresses. Some hand-knotted Persian rugs feature a variety of products, such a silk base and cotton fiber fringes. Machine-made rugs may have mixed materials or synthetic products. Silk rugs are generally higher priced than wool, so a low cost are an indication of a non-genuine rug.

Authentic Persian Rug Strategies

The Persian knot, or Senneh knot, is single and asymmetrical, produced by driving a strand under one warp, after that over and round the after that utilizing wood looms. It produces a classy, consistent pile, with a flowing motion, then when folded, the rug should not possess look or experience of a rigid sheet. Verify that the back of the rug looks just like the leading. If you don't, it is not likely it is hand-knotted. But machine-made rugs have the same design on both sides, and this is a straightforward preliminary step before continuing with increased detail by detail checks.

Genuine Persian Rug Dimensions

Vendors frequently list Persian rugs with a dimension, such as for instance knots per square inches or raj. Look closely at the rear of the rug to ensure your dimensions offered are accurate. If working from a photograph, make sure the image features a measuring tape in the rug.

Authentic Persian Rug Knots Per Square Inch

The knots per square inches (KPSI) frequently determine the quality and value of the Persian carpet. Higher KPSI imply a far more luxurious and high priced rug. Count the knots in 1 inch over the carpet, squaring the amount to get the KPSI. Normally, a high-end Tabriz carpet has actually around 330 to 361 KPSI.

Authentic Persian Rug Raj Count

The raj is an ancient kind of measurement comparable to around 2.76 inches, useful for Tabriz rugs just. Be skeptical of vendors that use the raj for rugs which are not from Tabriz. Low-quality Tabriz rugs are between 25 and 35 raj with top-quality variations at the least 50 raj. If the rug has ended 50 raj, it will usually have a silk Persian rug basis and not cotton fiber.

Genuine Persian Rug Imperfections

In the event that seller has actually a few things with identical designs, it may indicate mass-production since it is hard to produce identical hand-knotted rugs. There ought to be small inconsistencies into the design of a geniune Persian rug; perfect functions tend to be an illustration of a machine-made item. But according to Textile Museum, an element of the George Washington University, best Persian rugs exhibit the most shaped patterns, despite their imperfections.


Sign of Authenticity


Fraction off-center

Imperfections not too visible to impact the design

Minimum repetition


Small discrepancies

Overlap somewhat when the carpet is collapsed by 50 percent

Perhaps not completely lined up


Small aspects of wear as weavers built the rug

Fringe sewing

Slight problems

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