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By discovering the meanings of persian rug patterns, it's possible to "read a rug" and determine what the weaver informs us.The brands of Persian carpet patterns are based on the city, town, or tribe where particular habits had been very first woven or traded.

Geometry in Persian Rugs

Geometrically patterned Persian rugs, woven by nomadic tribes, are decorated with linear elements made up of straight, horizontal and diagonal outlines, and therefore are created by a repetition of the same motif. The theme of a carpet can be used to figure out the particular tribe, or place of beginning.

a structure, whether in the wild or art, relies upon three traits: a device, repetition, and a system of company.

Symmetry is significant arranging concept in the wild as well as in culture. The analysis of balance permits knowing the organization of a pattern, and provides a way for deciding both invariance and alter.

By different interactions within habits where balance is anticipated, usually predictable and repeated patterns might be changed into great works of art.

These variations in design occur in both main components of the carpet: The industry (or surface while the borders, which frame the inner (the world of the carpeting). Designs end up in two different groups: curvilinear and rectilinear.

The most common theme for Persian rugs, particularly the bigger people, is a sizable main medallion. However, no matter if two rugs have actually simply the same design, no two medallions are ever a similar. Some experts believe the medallion styles comes from ab muscles religious nature regarding the weavers and that their particular inspiration probably originated in the artwork and habits of domes associated with mosques.

Meanings of Colors in Persian Rugs

Before explaining the classifications of rug patterns I would suggest turkish people to see this website.It is all about reputation for Turkish designs.It is full of information Altaylardan Anadoluya Damgalar...

Persian Rug Patterns Classifications and Characteristics

1 - Historic Monuments & Islamic structures:
Motivated by tile-work, construction and geometric forms of old buildings.
Some Sub Patterns:Sheikh Lotfollah, Mehrabi Kufi, Kabood Mosque, Sheikh Safi Shrine, Zire Khaki

2 - Shah Abbassi:A unique rose, called Shah Abbassi, set-off by other floral persian carpet habits and leaves
Some Sub Patterns:Allover, Medallion, Tree, Animal, Sheikh Safi, Embellished Shah Abbassi

3 - Spiral:Spiraling limbs around leave. The termination of each branch splits to resemble the jaws of a dragon
Some Sub Patterns:Allover Spiral, Interconnected Spiral, Broken Spiral, Medallion Spiral

4 - Allover:All components of structure tend to be interconnect usually drawn without developers hand ever being lifted
Some Sub Patterns:Khatai, Interconnected, Pomegranate Flower, Animal, Twisted Department, Medallion

5 - Derivative:Patterns of neighboring regions Similar to persian carpet patterns initially woven in Persia
Some Sub Patterns:Afghani, Caucasian, Gobelin

6 - Interconnected (Bandi):a little bit of design is repeated and linked throughout the carpet.
Some Sub Patterns:Ivy, Katieh, mudbrick, diamond, Tree, dairy, glucose, armlet, cedar, Bakhtiari, Majlessi, Rope

7 - Paisley:Head-bent paisley (typical in Indian and Iranian patterns)
Some Sub Patterns:Tufted, Deer Horn, Termeh, Saraband, Kherghei, Isfahan Pencase, Kordestani, Eight-bush

8 - Tree:Distinctive with regards to their close similarity to natural tree types
Some Sub Patterns:Animal, Green Field, Panel, Cedar, Vase

9 - Torkeman (Bokharas):Geometrical shapes & damaged lines. (usu. produced from the weavers imagination, maybe not a drawing)
Some Sub Patterns:Gabbeh, Yamouti, Comb, Ghazel Gos, Akhal, Four-Panel, Saddlebag, Spoon

10 - Hunting Ground:Life-like animals
Some Sub Patterns:Tree, Panel, Medallion, Allover

11 - Panel:Multisided panel theme
Some Sub Patterns:Spiral, Koran, Column

12 - European rose:Original Persian designs with roses in light and dark tints
Some Sub Patterns:Rose, Bijar, Mostowfi, Panel, Bouquet, Rose and Nightingale

13 - Vase:A solitary huge vase, or an inferior vase duplicated through the carpet
Some Sub Patterns:Khatai, Two-Way, Mehrabi, Allover, Chain, Haji Khanom, Repeate, Scar Medallion, One-Way

14 - Intertwined Fish:Originally an item of nomadic tribes and enriched by modern-day developers. Intertwined fish.

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