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My Chicken Pox Story

” It’s 102.5.”

“Whoa babe! That’s rather a fever! I will be therefore sorry. Could I get you such a thing?”

“Maybe another damp towel” comes my congested and a little coarse solution.

“Wouldn’t it is crazy if I got the chicken pox once again!” We yell after Clayton while he is operating cold water on a wash fabric when you look at the bathroom.

“Whaaaat?! We can’t hear you babe. Do You Really Need other things?”

“we stated wouldn’t it is funny basically got…. ah never-mind… No! I don’t need something!”


A couple of weeks ago one of our dear pals, Julian, got the chicken pox. I happened to be among the those who took him to your physician, introduced him meals, and went errands while he was quarantined. “For many people”, relating to CDS, “getting chickenpox as soon as provides immunity for a lifetime. But some individuals, will get chickenpox more often than once, even though this just isn't common.” Actually many medical journals describe that a second illness might occur only in immunocompromised individuals (origin). Since certainly one of my first thoughts is of me attempting to scrape the itchy purple blisters off my forehead, I figured i'd be fine. A phone call to my mommy verified I experienced it as a young child. Was I stressed? Perhaps just a little, but we figured that was the hypochondriac in me personally.

Therefore fourteen days later once I began feeling achy and tired then created a higher fever, we assumed I was just getting a 24 hour cool. Still, the fear was creeping in that these symptoms were strange. We don’t get a fever frequently. After taking 1500 mg of Acerola Powder and 500 mg of cayenne pepper pills I went along to sleep with a 102.5 temperature.

chicken poxThe next morning we woke up sensation great! The fever had been gone, thus I got prepared for a busy day. A few hours later I was telling a buddy: “And then I inspected myself in the mirror as well as for another we freaked out that a scab I’ve had since my final backpacking journey changed into chicken pox. I will be telling you, I will be such a hypochondriac! After all performs this appear to be chicken pox to you personally?!” We continued laughing and raising my shirt adequate to show the woman just how very paranoid I was.

I let out a gasp. My stomach had three dainty looking, green water blisters with purple circles around all of them. “Ummm! I have to see a medical expert today! I ll keep in touch with you later. You ought to steer clear of me…” we stammered, walking far from my pal.

During my naivete, I made a decision to stroll three obstructs on immediate care in which I took my pal. Bad move ahead my part. Ten measures into my walk we became therefore dizzy and nauseous that i simply needed to sit back in the center of the sidewalk keeping my mind within my arms. After a couple of minutes we felt better thus I carried on my epic walk to urgent attention, with regular sidewalk breaks.

Whenever I eventually managed to get indeed there and was seen by a physician he confirmed my fears and requested whether I would like some Vicodin, considering that the virus has a tendency to get quite ugly in adults. We refused the pain meds but We welcomed the antiviral medicine this is certainly expected to help with the severity of the outbreak. In retrospect, i'd n't have taken it – once I did even more research i consequently found out that reinfection with chicken pox is in most cases quite moderate.

Although I took the antiviral medicine, Acyclovir 800 mg, five times on a daily basis, I also took 1500 mg of acerola dust and L- Lysine, recognized to work as an antiviral by blocking the production of herpes viruses. Did you know chicken pox is part regarding the herpes family members, with herpes simplex, eppstein barr, cytomegalovirus, as well as others? To see more about the herpes family tree go here. Fun things!

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