Pakistani carpets

The manufacturing of rugs in Pakistan started in the same manner like in India so when the united states was separated from Asia a lot of the weavers, of muslims, moved to the Pakistanian part. A lot of them found jobs in Lahore and Karachi, and at once the us government started initially to support the import of quality yarn.

In Pakistan, carpets tend to be produced nowadays with fine Australian wool yarn making these rugs much like silk rugs. Carpets with a higher knot density provides strong toughness at a lower cost than its Persian parallels.

The Pakistani carpets, which these days tend to be mass-produced (in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpind), are divided into Mori rugs and Persian where 90per cent of this Mori carpets have a Bochara-like pattern also Turkmenistan patterns. Ziegler carpets, that are manufactured in Pakistan, have patterns which are copied from older traditions into the Arak district, Persia. Carpets are becoming manufactured here that gathers inspiration from Caucasian carpets and therefore are offered as "Kazak good".

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