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My free carpeting articles are made to help customers handle different do-it-yourself jobs with a few professional advice and instruction.

Tools and materials

Once I make reference to carpet contractors as "him" or "his" please note it is not a gender thing and I indicate no disrespect towards females. I'm just a little sluggish plus it saves me time by without having to publish "his or the lady" is politically proper.

So you want to be a carpeting installer? Or maybe you just want to put in yours carpeting to save lots of some cash. This condensed version of How to Install Carpet, my work obtainable, or it may not. The question is, are you currently mechanically predisposed and do you have the capability to do anything in the event that you receive the proper instructions? Let Us Know.

Some will say it's not a good idea for consumers to try and install unique carpet. Myself, I'm sure some really talented those who have the capacity to find out on the road and that can do anything to obtain the job done. So in my opinion, if you would like be a carpet installer for daily, weekly and for the rest of your life we say it is well worth giving it a go.

Some call them carpeting layers, some telephone call them carpet fitters. Anyway, installing carpeting is efforts and requires mastering numerous skills to do it right. I installed carpet for approximately three decades and although I became trained by master mechanics who have been near the top of their particular online game, i've found there are a lot of different ways to do the trick. So if you don't take a liking to the method we tell you simple tips to get it done, take action the manner in which you think it should be done to really make it easier, smarter, faster or better.

It appears that every carpet installer has actually their own special model of carpet set up. Every carpeting installer has actually his own unique tips of trade that make him special and unique. I want you to know this because no matter what We tell you to install carpeting you will have plenty of installers suggesting that my practices are wrong or that their particular carpet set up practices tend to be better for some reason. There is a lot of ego inside hearts of several carpeting installers and unwarranted strife between camps. I am sure We'll get some good nasty e-mails for composing my type of just how to lay carpeting, but also for now allows just get to the animal meat regarding the matter and allow crumbs fall in which they. You need to learn how to install carpet and I also'm planning do my better to tell you what you need to learn to do the job right.

The necessary tools associated with carpet level's trade.

I will present a rundown for the typical carpet laying resources. There are numerous crucial tools that each installer requires and a lot of accessory tools which you can use if you need or need to. It seems that many old carpet layers wait during the night designing brand-new resources for the trade. Some new device designs have become useful however the the greater part of the latest and improved carpeting tools I seen in recent times are a waste of the time and money.

I'll focus on the tools which are typical and enable you to straighten out the long list of recommended accessory tools all on your own.

Must-have carpeting resources:

  • Knee kicker - The leg is employed to position carpeting and install carpet, and also to stretch carpet using places where an electric stretcher cannot reach.
  • Energy stretcher - utilizes influence to extend carpet securely over tack-less strips.
  • Straight-edge - accustomed make straight cuts, especially for preparing two carpet sides to-be seamed collectively
  • Carpenter's square - to make accurate 90 level cuts
  • Wall trimmer - trims carpeting flush with the wall surface
  • Carpet knife or utility blade - handheld tool regularly cut carpeting.
  • Stair device - used in combination with a hammer or rubber mallet to put in carpeting on stairs
  • Seaming metal- you will find three forms of seaming iron readily available. The conventional 4" and 6" hot melt types, while the more recent and much more high priced microwave type that needs unique plus costly seaming tape.
  • Tractor - carpeting seaming tool accustomed set carpeting into hot melt glue during seaming process.
  • Nap scissors - accustomed trim and beautify seams and upholstery work and loose carpeting strings or fibers
  • The electric tacker - shoots a slender basic to affix carpeting on stairs or any other upholstery work
  • Hand roller - used for glue down carpeting.
  • 100# carpeting roller - stand-up device useful for glue down carpeting applications
  • Tackstrip blades
  • Tool pouch - usually keeps your carpet knife, pliers, screwdriver or little spatula
  • Kneepads - a must have if you wish to manage to stroll without needing crutches later in life.

Many carpet contractors carry many energy resources to complete floor fixes and install under-layment when needed:

  • Circular Saw
  • Jamb saw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Saws-all
  • Dining table saw
  • Air compressor
  • Pneumatic nailing weapons and staplers
  • Electric drill
  • Electrical orbital sander
  • Belt sander

There are a lot of regular resources that each and every carpeting installer calls for including:

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers and wrenches
  • Hack saw
  • Spatula
  • Metal snips
  • Magnetized nail motorist
  • Rubber mallet
  • Trowels - many different types for assorted purposes.
  • Flooring scrapers
  • Hot glue weapon
  • Caulking gun
  • Cove base glue gun
  • Pry club

There are a lot of various sundries and products that each carpeting installer must carry on hand.


  • Blue nails- for strengthening tack-less strips
  • Ring shank nails- fastening timber sub-floors and underlayment.
  • Tangible fingernails- installing material changes to concrete flooring
  • Gold and silver screw fingernails- for attaching metal flat-bar changes
  • Acoustical nails - these unique hardened screw nails tend to be longer and employed for setting up tack-less pieces on gypsum sub-floors.


  • Wood screws- different sizes are used for fastening sub-flooring and underlayment alongside general reasons.

Transition metals (standard colors tend to be silver and gold):

  • Clampdown (also referred to as faucet down or Nap-lock)
  • Articulated clampdown - are set up in a bend
  • Flat-bar - (gold or silver)
  • T-insert (for track and rubber insert applications)
  • Z-bar (used whenever no metal will be visible)

Rubber Reducer Strips for Carpet Transitions:

  • Various colors, types, sizes and styles can be found. Typically glued straight down with contact cement.

Carpet Blades:

  • energy blades
  • carpet blades
  • scraper blades
  • tackstrip cutter replacement blades
  • trimmer blades

Carpet Seaming Tape:

  • 4-inch standard seaming tape (industry standard) 66 foot per roll. Various brands and grades can be found.
  • 6-inch seaming tape (for usage with 6-inch seaming irons)
  • Microwave seaming tape (an unique seam tape to be used with microwave oven irons just)

Carpet Glues and Seam Sealants

  • Carpet glue
  • Seam sealer
  • Cove base adhesive
  • Silicone caulk
  • Rubber cement
  • Contact cement
  • Latex adhesive

Tack-less strips (tackstrip):

Tack-less pieces tend to be four foot long and come 100 strips to a field (400 lineal legs per package) they show up pre-nailed with either cement, lumber or acoustical fingernails.

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